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    Cambridgeshire June GTG

    yeah ill be about for a bit late avo early eve. belfry again?
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    Cambridgeshire June GTG

    Yeah had it a while now lovely car. Cosmos black and just about to put some Ac schnitzer type 1 splits on it will put some pics up
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    Cambridgeshire June GTG

    Yeah I'm down for September
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    W113 pagoda hardtop trim
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    W209 18" alloys
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    WTB: AMG OZ 3 Piece

    Dee these are also on eBay. Maybe worth waiting to see if he drops the price. I doubt highly he will get that price. U.K. Market 1800 tops, let us know how you get on
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    WTB: AMG OZ 3 Piece

    I would say the ones in the eBay link are overpriced given there condition but rarity is bringing the prices up, personally I would go with the other set at a better price then you have a blank canvas to make your own. I'm sure voodoo motorsport will weld them up fine ( check there gallery ) not...
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    WTB: AMG OZ 3 Piece

    definitely have to be careful, that's why before and after pics always help, they are visible if you look close but to the untrained eye it would be easy to get caught out unfortunately which is a shame as they aren't cheap rims so you wouldn't want to get burnt on a set. one of my r129's I had...
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    WTB: AMG OZ 3 Piece

    pretty sure they crack due to being over tightened with the guns that the garages use. these rims are to be tightened by hand. someone on here had half the centre split completely which is a pretty scary thought. was it you doodle? cant remember
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    WTB: AMG OZ 3 Piece

    Whoa didn't check the ad pretty nasty unroadworthy repairs, just sent the link over without looking. But really these days the money's in the centre's, if there all good with no hairline cracks from the bore to the studs then there good to go. Lips and barrels can be replaced.
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    Turbines for a W211 E55

    I have some 18" amg iv split rims 18" 7.5 fronts et37 and 8.5 rears et30 if interested drop me a p.m on here
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    WTB: AMG OZ 3 Piece

    There's a set on eBay
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    R129 wind deflector wanted
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    R129 wind deflector wanted
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    18" amg bbs r129 sl / w124 500e split rims

    Sold this morning thanks for the interest sad to see these ones go
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    18" amg bbs r129 sl / w124 500e split rims

    Stunning set of amg 2-piece splits I've decided to let go as I'm going to keep my e31 for the foreseeable. Not used and boxed since refurb. 8.5j x 18 h2 et25 hwa 129 1502 bbs rt105 (fronts) 10j x 18 h2 et25 hwa 129 1702 bbs rt106 (rears) Have plenty more pictures if you wish to see more...
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    Looking for some Rims !

    I have some r230 sl55 19" amg split rims 8.5 et30 9.5 et31. Any good to you? Thanks
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    W211 alloy wheels 18/19inch

    I have a set of the 19" amg split rims which are w211 r230 and r171 fitment with good tyres if interested thanks
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    Body kit & Rims

    I have some 19" amg split rims from an r230 sl55, 8.5 front et 30 9.5 rear et31, let me know if they are of interest and we can go from there thanks Martin
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    R129 - what wheels? Help me choose...

    I have a set at my refurbers pm me if your interested thanks
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