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    Rattle noise at startup.

    Can`t understand MB`s thinking. They used the absolutely reliable duplex chained OM611/646 engine up to 2008. I have been considering a W204, but the207/208ers are plagued with the rear subframe rot business. Can`t win. I`ve had Mercs since the 200/8 and 220/8 days and those cars were...
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    How many V8 engined cars have you owned and what's your favourite

    A Ford Pilot. Flathead V8, Don`t remember much about it; and a `70s Oldsmobile Delta 88, Setting the ignition points on an 8 lobe cam was a pain. Had a 24 gallon fuel tank. And it needed it !
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    Tin dust plates behind the disk

    If the rear shields are rotten, you cannot wait `until the next service` because rear shields usually support hand brake shoe mounting pins.
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    Brake pipes corroded & kwik fit free brake check

    Very interesting johnsco ! Thanks.
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    Too Much Oil

    Get it done. That situation totalled my C180 M271 engine when climbing a very steep hill
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    W210 Suspension Re-Build Parts

    Re-bushing lower W210 wishbones is not a job for the faint hearted. Destroying the old bushes to get them out. and pressing in the new ones is not easy.
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    W204 C220 CDI Engine Warm Up Time

    It`s normal. 30 mins minimum. And that with a new thermostat .
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    Which battery?

    Yuasa everytime for me. Never ever failed in my cars.
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    Even more new jokes...

    My dentist dies at an early age. He was buried, and his wife had a nice gravestone installed. On it was carved ; "Here lies Kenneth Smith, aged 51, filling his last cavity"
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    Merry Christmas to Dieselman, MOCAS and Howard.

    From the Dieselman era, anybody remember an hilarious story from iirc a Liverpool member, about a guy taking laxatives after a long period of `inactivity`, with the resulting mayhem being louder than Krakatoa. Kept me in stitches for hours.
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    Even more new jokes...

    Man with heavily bandaged hands is in the Gents, up to a urinal, but obviously having trouble with his flies. Another man arrives at the next urinal, sees the bandaged man`s predicament, and says, "wait a tic mate, and I`ll help you" which he duly does. Undoes his zip, rolls it out, waits...
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    Engine never reaching 90C, high rev

    Another quick check is to feel at the big bore coolant pipe from top of engine to the radiator. If it is warm within minutes of starting a cold engine, the thermostat is stuck open/faulty.
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    Even more new jokes...

    Small man waiks into hospital and enters the Urology Dept. Doctor, How can I help/ Man, Well erm, you promise not to laugh ? Doctor, I`m a doctor, I don`t laugh at patients, whatever is wrong, I`ve seen a thousand times before. Man, You promise not to laugh ? Doctor, Ok ok ok ok I promise...
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    2.2 Cdi Thermostat

    Now that the weather has gone noticeably cooler, I noticed lack of warmth inside my project W203 cdi, and have decided that the thermostat must be stuck open. Looks like it is located front, top, left side of the engine, but is surrounded with fuel pipes, wiring tubes etc. Probably the oil...
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    A 150 no front wipers.

    Hello Guys, Wiper problem solved thanks to Brucemillar`s reply on here. Bonnet not fully closing. Thanks again Brucemillar.
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    A 150 no front wipers.

    Hello Toolman, The wipers/washers on my W203 C Class are working and then not working and then working again. At the mo, not working. Reading you posts, it would be logical to assume that a relay is getting a bit dodgy, have you any idea where to look? Engine compartment fuse box? End of dash...
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    W204 Rear Subframe Problems.

    Ok Guys, Well, from your replies, it`s looking like before parting with cash, a subframe check is an absolute necessity, Thankyou all. Most helpful.
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    W204 Rear Subframe Problems.

    Are early W204s having rear subframe problems? Two adverts recently read, state new rear subframe required. One ad. suggests control arm broken away, whereas the other ad. states subframe cracking, and then adds `common problem` Any reports? before I start looking.
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