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    Winter tyres

    All season and winter tyres will come with a mountain symbol and M&S marking on the sidewall.
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    Holiday Log Cabins & Lodges

    Green View Lodges in Welton.
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    Detailing for a Newbie

    A digital camera, halogen worklight(s), pair of marigolds and box of kleenex will be a start :D
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    Making a point.

    The chevvy got tugged to the levy. Those yank trucks can pull some serious weight, there are loads of video's on youtube. The one giving the tug will more than likely be running a 6.9 Cummins turbo diesel.
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    Spending christmas..

    Well after cooking for 10+ the last two years I can't be bothered this year. It it my 1st Christmas in my house with the Mrs so booked in at the indian down the road. Will just make sure we both drink enough so neither of us can drive to the outlaws. Boxing day I am trying to get out of...
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    ID for over 18's

    A provisional licence or passport is all that most people will take on the doors. We all had NUS cards stating we were 18 when I was 16/17....nowhere really takes them now.
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    If it is for your CDI and you have no DPF, you would be better going for the diesel specific "Mobil One TD" rather than the new life. It is only about £29 in Costco for 5ltr.
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    Advise for dianostic software

    Not 100% sure which protocol. Probably ODBII, however I have the software above and it works with my elm unit. Yes it runs on Windows.
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    Milton Keynes Housing

    Furzton is a nice area as well as is Shenley.
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    Advise for dianostic software

    You need to use the open source software available from You can download it here It will also do live data,, I have the earlier ELM323 serial unit.
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    Plug (bath, not bash street...)

    Unless you can find one on eBay or similar, it will probably be easier just to replace the waste connection on the bath with a new one.
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    Oil filter wrench - Recommendations W203 C270

    You can get the tool from Halfords, IIRC they are made by Laser tools. If you have a mate with a trade card take him down. I would be using 0w-40 Turbo Diesel rather than new life. Costco are cheaper at around £28 for 5 litres.
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    Coolant Flush

    You need to also remember to remove the drain on the block. I flush the circuit both ways including rad etc. MB do actually sell a special cooling system flush.
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    Garage floor Interlocking Tiles

    Have you considered something like THIS. Costco do it for £130 + VAT. It looks like the ally chequer plate but is a grey hard wearing plastic. I have it in my workshop and store and will be putting it in my garage I am currently building. Maybe worth a look.
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    Transmission fluid w211 e280 7 speed auto

    Any that meets MB 236.14. Follow THIS link for which fluids meet the spec.
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    C Class Coupe ATF + Filter

    IIRC, the dealers only change the contents of the sump (circa 4 litres) and the filter.
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    Making Drain Bolt for ATF Change 722..6 (One for BlackC55?)

    Cheers, I shall just fabricate a big funnel then out of an old bottle, and let it drain into my oil catch pan.
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    Making Drain Bolt for ATF Change 722..6 (One for BlackC55?)

    Is the return line the pipe the banjo bolts to the gearbox case?
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    Making Drain Bolt for ATF Change 722..6 (One for BlackC55?)

    I had kind of guessed that the head needed drilling to fit what looks an airline PCL type male fitting. However, in the picture of it draining, the banjo bolt is clamping the cooler pipe to the gearbox casing.....this is the bit I don't understand. Esentialy it looks like it has been "Teed"...
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    Making Drain Bolt for ATF Change 722..6 (One for BlackC55?)

    Thats my point. I am struggling to understand how it drains with the cooler pipe AND hose connected to it.
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