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    New tyre labelling legislation from November (ratings for grip, efficiency & noise)

    Enfer sanglant. At last something useful from the EU :thumb: :)
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    R129 Facelift Front Bumpers

    Once you are a hostage –almost any price goes :wallbash: Let’s hope the after marked Factors don’t get the same idea :dk::)
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    Battery Protection: Convenience features not available...

    Ah, you can’t beat a frosty winter’s morning to find any flaws in the electronics :D A battery charger with a good management system make's early morning get away's unhindered, IMHO:thumb:
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    Stance and stretched tyres

    Nice looker, but would be no good in pot holes UK :)
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    Will it snow Winter 2011?

    Don’t hold your breath :dk::)
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    Mercedes Apologises In The U.S.

    I suspect it won’t stop the South Florida Cuban cigar rollers for riding around in their MB :rolleyes:;)
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    Mirror glass?

    Sound advice :thumb:
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    Variable Speed Limit Cameras - M1 Nottingham

    I don't think Insurance companies treat speeding as socially acceptable. A nice little earner for upping the premiums :dk::)
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    Variable Speed Limit Cameras - M1 Nottingham

    Keep an eye out for 'Postman Pat' with a brown envelope in about 10-14 days :(
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    How do you remove the 155mph limiter?

    Looking forward to hearing about you on News At Ten ;) :)
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    MOT Fail Due To broken Coil Spring.

    Well, well. well :D:thumb:
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    Alloy wheel breaking up

    That's why we should all do a visual check each morning :dk: :)
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    Iron-X & Tar-X

    "Blue Tac" you can't beat Brillo pads ;);):)
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    W124 Aircon Evaporator change

    Yep, dashboard all out:) Use your digital camera when you get to the tricky bits. The memory can plays funny tricks at midnight :confused::crazy::)
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    :dk:Another % charge on all our insurance premiums :wallbash::)
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    AMG Alloys

    A useful peice of info. Thanks :thumb:
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    R129 refresh

    :)Whens the launch party. Looking really very good :thumb:
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    How far can Clarkson go?

    The North American's love him :)
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    W124 crash damage - advice please.

    Sorry, thumbs down :dk:
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