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  1. lordlee

    Intelligent lighting system not working

    So I have the above message appear when scrolling through the cars lighting menu and I'm fairly positive its because the height level sensor arm is broken. I have bought the part to replace mine but I need to know its location on the car. I'm thinking it will be on or around the rear axle but...
  2. lordlee

    W207 / C207 Coupe Headlight

    You can get these for £550 on Autodoc for Xenon or half that for the Halogen ones. If that doesnt sound reasonable then its ebay trawling time. Just make sure you know if its a xenon or halogen and then you'll be fine.
  3. lordlee

    Air con diagram/help

    I guess so but the labour for the switch would be over £50 and the regas is only £37.50 so its not so bad.
  4. lordlee

    Air con diagram/help

    The pressure switch is underneath the car and accessed by way of undertray removal. Easy to get off and easy to change but it did degas the whole system which is a pain. Regas booked in for Friday so I really hope this fixes it.
  5. lordlee

    DPF question

    Cleaned out the rubber pipes with an air line and yes it was the B28/8 only.
  6. lordlee

    Older or newer R230

    Go for a post 2006 model as they had rectified many of the original cars faults. The ABC was improved as were the roof seals etc. The revised car's ABC (Active Body Control) was improved to reduce body movements in dynamic driving by up to 60%, standard on all models except the SL 350. The new...
  7. lordlee

    DPF question

    It ended up being the DPF sensor and it was £60 from MB so all fitted and working nicely again.
  8. lordlee

    DPF question

    This is what’s come up Lower limit value of component b28/8 DPF was dropped below slash not reached. So Does that mean DPF blocked?
  9. lordlee

    DPF question

    Well I had the codes cleared and did a long run down to the coast at the weekend and the light came back on so there’s possibly a sensor fault. I’ll get it plugged into STAR this week to get a clearer picture.
  10. lordlee

    DPF question

    The EML light came on in our E350 CDI - had the code read and it’s DPF. We’ve not been far in the car recently so we know why it’s got to this point - job change has meant hardly any long runs. Anyway our mechanic reset the code and told me to go for a long run. I gave it an energetic run but...
  11. lordlee

    R107 service in Berkshire recommendation?

    Star have serviced our cars for years and are great to deal with. Also Silchester deal with loads of classics.
  12. lordlee

    Air con diagram/help

    We’ve recently had the air con light go off. It’s always on auto so it’s not through lack of use. Anyway I took it to a garage and they said it’s holding pressure just fine so it may either be the compressor or the pressure switch. I have a pressure switch to fit but wondered if anyone has a...
  13. lordlee

    Aftermarket HIDs

    If your headlights aren't the projector beam type then HID's will produce terrible beam scatter as you say. Best to go for a performance halogen bulb.
  14. lordlee

    R230 SL500 Roof - how quick

    Roof operation is one thing but also the condition of the rubber - especially along the seal at the base of the rear window. Worth opening the ABC reservoir and seeing how black the fluid is. Unless its recently been changed its going to smell like burnt almonds. If its pretty black factor the...
  15. lordlee

    A207 Cab 2011 headlight level sensor - part help please!!

    Thank you! I didnt realise there were two of them!!! They only listed that one was broken and not which one.
  16. lordlee

    A207 Cab 2011 headlight level sensor - part help please!!

    Hi All, Does anyone have access to the Mercedes EPC - I've tried to find the correct part on the EPC and I believe I have it but wanted to make sure as it isnt cheap. I believe the part number is A 004 542 99 18 which is a rear turning angle sensor for RHD ILS equipped cars. Anybody able to...
  17. lordlee

    W212/C207 rear height sensor location

    The car just came back from a service today and I was advised that the rear height sensor rod had broken and it needed a new sensor and rod. Has anyone done this job? Where is the sensor located please?
  18. lordlee

    Halogen upgrade

    If you read the specs most of those bulbs have a similar rated lifespan. I think its just the nature of how long a wire filament can last.
  19. lordlee

    What fuel filter for 2014 C220 C204

    Bought the genuine one from Mercedes Newcastle for £29.95 delivered - cheaper than the Mahle or Bosch ones from Autodoc, when you include delivery, so a good result I'd say.
  20. lordlee

    What fuel filter for 2014 C220 C204

    Thank you for helping with that - much appreciated.
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