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    After B service Engine oil level showing only half??

    I did B service on my W213 Diesel 2 days ago and after service it is still engine oil level shows half only (Half way between min & Max). is this as expected after B service (once in 2 years) that costs £550. still engine oil level is not showing full...? Should I complain to dealer..? I can...
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    E220 (W213) Estate First Service

    E220 (W213) Estate First Service I bought my E Class W213 Estate just before tax raise last year. This means my first service is due this month. I got 2 quotes from nearby dealers (1) £315 Including VAT (2) £383 including VAT. I was told by second guys that amount includes dust filter (aka...
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    Did we made wrong choice..?? BMW 5 series or Audi A6 better than W213..?

    I love to hear "No"!!
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    E class (W213) LED projectors fitting, easy..??

    Is it as easy as seen in this video..??
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    Merc E class (W213) Service Plan cost.?

    I got 3 year service plan quote from Merc - £37 per month for 3 years for 3 services!! What is Merc E class Full service cost from Main dealer..??
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    Ne E class W213 - Not able to Play Youtube

    Hi All, Using car internet, did anyone managed to open browse and play youtube in the car..?? I managed to load Youtube but unable to play Youtube.thanks.
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    E Class (W213) impressions after 1 Month use..

    E Class Estate (W213) impressions after 1 Month use.. Hi All, I got My E class estate (Grey - SE, Premium Plus, Command, Driving Assist Plus, 360 Camera, Wireless charging..) delivered a day before Tax hike and my impressions are as below... 1. UK Map Update installation stuck @ 67% and...
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    E Class (W213) uses 3G in UK while 4G in Europe..?

    I am told one key reason for many Mercedes Me and communication issues in E class in UK is because in UK it uses 3G comm while in Europe 4G comm..! Anyone heard this before..? Any details..?
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    Any one working for any Merc dealer here..??

    Any one working for any Merc dealer here..?? I am after E Class Estate (W213) and want to know about factory order time. (1) How many months/weeks..? Can I get one before April 1st if I order now..?? (2) E200/E213 both got same delivery time..?? (3) One with Command online provides...
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    New E Class (W213) got Wifi Hotspot..???

    New E Class (W213) got Wifi Hotspot..??? I am trying to understand if new E class estate for Wi-Fi hotspot available in UK..?? Similar BMW and Audi got. If it is available is it part of a package as I couldn't see that as a specific option. Also Looks like classic grill is not available in...
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    New E Class Estate (S213) Factory order time & New Tax changes in April

    Hi All, Any one here already ordered or actively considering New E Class Estate factory ordering..?? What's the lead time knowing that from April first Tax rules are changing and E class taxes goes up from £100+ to £400+ depending on model. Anyone close to dealerships or those waiting for...
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    E Class Estate: Available to test drive with dealers..??

    After narrowly (and luckily…!!!) missed out on an Old E class estate deal few months back, I a very keen test drive new updated model. Not sure any dealers got them for test drive..?? Also when is the best time to get best Merc deals..?? Dec..?? I can see sites like CarW** gives up to 11%...
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    car prices to go UP from July..???

    Guys, Is there a real possibility German car prices (BMW/Audi/Merc) in UK go up from July as £ value is down so going by exchange rate price might go up..??:confused:
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    Car not available after deposit payment..!!!

    I am facing a strange situation with a Merc main dealer as I paid deposit for a specific spec of new E Class Estate and now the dealer says there was a mix-up of inventory and the car I paid deposit is no more available and requesting me to accept same spec but different color, which I didn't...
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    Merc E Class Estate or Audi A6

    I am deciding between E Class Estate and Audi A6 Avent. E class is Just phased out so can't customise I am going for AMG Night ed. A6 is very customizable. Both available around 33k. Please help to decide. Getting confused. thanks
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    Merc C class Estate or Mazda 6 Estate or...???

    Guys, I am looking for a new estate to replace my 4 year old Toyota Avensis estate. Looking for a real upgrade (ready to spend ~£30K) from Avensis, more interested in new factory order though open to idea of up to 2 year old less than 10K mileage car. After doing some research for many...
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    C Class Estate Facelift on the way..?

    Knowing last C Class estate facelift was in 2014, anyone here know when next facelift expected soon..? May be with new diamond grill.? I can see Cope is already updated. Any one with inside information...??
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    New A class Car collected - Panel Gap...???

    I collected my new Merc A class SE Grey metallic colour this week. I noticed big gap in door panels. Please see the docs. Is this normal..?
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    New Car collecting tomorrow..what to check..?

    Guys, I am collecting my new A class factory order car tomorrow, Q1. What all checks I need to do..? Q2. How much miles it maximum it should show as its directly with main dealer..? Q3. Pay first and check car for faults or check car first and then pay..? Q4. Any thing more to be...
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    Worth delaying Reg by 2 weeks..???

    My Merc is expected to be in Feb second week. Is it worth waiting another 2 weeks and get it registered in March 2016 to get '16' plate...?? Is there any danger in keeping vehicle @ dealer for 2 weeks ..? Will they use new car as 'test drive car'..??:devil:
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