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    SBC Hold cannot be activated - No DTCs

    Try this:
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    FS 2004 W211 E55 - Obsidian Black

    I am currently in UK, GU11 / KT3 area. Will be here until 10th June. Car can be viewed if someone is interested. I am happy to meet and drive somewhere if genuinely interested.
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    Newbie after a W211 E55

    "You may not start a conversation with rsmatharu because of his or her privacy settings." Can't message you either. Feel free to drop me an email at Cheers
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    W211 Keyless entry - door handle switch failure

    In the end they always have to be programmed and coded again by MB, is that correct?
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    Tearing out my hair.

    Might wanna delete that link before anyone else gets the idea to register on that dubious website ;)
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    FS 2004 W211 E55 - Obsidian Black

    ~Placeholder for more information to add~ Forgot to add above: - Spark Plugs NGK ILFR6A changed 5 months ago. Service booklets:
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    FS 2004 W211 E55 - Obsidian Black

    Hello there. Very reluctantly creating this ad as I would like to test the waters here. I bought an 2004 W211 E55 off a member here in July 2017 with 86,500 miles on the clock. As known the M113k engine has been very reliable and overall the w211 has been a joy over the last 2 years. Since...
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    Keyless start E55

    +1 There are 2 pins beneath the gear lever. I'd recommend to check the connection. You can remove the surround trim by pulling it out carefully, rotate the black plastic trim that holds the gear lever and check if it sits tight, or push the gear lever down. Some pics to understand: How to...
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    SBC Hold unavailable

    English User Guide is now attached.
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    SBC Hold unavailable

    It's been a while, but finally I came around in fixing my SBC Hold. I used to get the message "SBC H unavailable. See Workshop or User Manual". A lot of sources told me to grab a new part, but didn't want to spend that much just to have that feature, until I found a german board, where the...
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    NTG1 APS Reset to W211_ECE

    yeah , I couldn't make sense of that "press 3+5+7" at that time. I tried couple of times.. :)
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    NTG1 APS Reset to W211_ECE

    Update: If someone is having the same issue (Comand NGT1 set to US mode by selected the W211_US or AMG_US) - you can fix it with the following steps: 1. Set key at position 1 2. Turn on Comand and select "AUX" under Audio 3. Press the "Serv" button 4. Press the number "5" and keep it pressed...
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    Which grill looks better ?

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    Serial E55k spotter JohnEboy's e55k??? maybe?

    I really would not mind having a look, but I have moved out of UK. Sorry.
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    Serial E55k spotter JohnEboy's e55k??? maybe?

    Surbiton? Shame I have never seen it as it's just around the corner.. Very nice mods!
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    2004 Golf mk4 2.0 GTI

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    E55 AMG Review Video

    Liked it. There are plenty of e55 reviews out there but they never get boring.
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    2004 Golf mk4 2.0 GTI

    Updated ad: Volkswagen Golf 2.0 GTI 5dr Also price dropped to £750 as the car really must go asap.
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    When people change lanes without looking and indicating..

    Very nearly had an accident couple of days ago on the A3 towards Guildford. It was dark and I was driving on the fastest track with medium traffic in the middle lane around 52-53mph when a police car popped up in my mirror. Obviously trying to make space, I sped a bit to around 57-60mph to...
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