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  1. davymead


    Beautiful warm day at Ventnor. The Esplanade is lovely.
  2. davymead

    Mothers 2.0

    Spent an hour on the 350 this afternoon...but under close scrutiny maybe the paintwork could do with a proper detail. Has anybody used the Mothers 2.0 speedclay. Bearing in mind I’m a total novice, and it seems relatively easy to use can anyone recommend ?
  3. davymead

    W212 Front Door Card Trim

    The front nearside door trim on my E350CDI is in very poor condition. Its a shame as it’s about the only thing on the car that’s not in great condition. I’d be over the moon if anybody’s got one available, it’s the brushed silver version with a plain smooth finish. Here’s hoping and thanks.
  4. davymead


    .... to ask but, how come there’s only three headlight washers ?
  5. davymead

    Tips that’s exhaust tips.

    Try as I might, I cannot source a set of exhaust tip covers for my 2010 W212. Lots available for the facelift. It’s one of the very few annoyances on my recent purchase ( peeling chrome ) and my research on here seems to have also drawn a blank. Any ideas would be gratefully received.
  6. davymead

    E class Command v Becker ?

    Looking through a lot of adverts for my purchase of a E 320 CDI Coupe and have now about figured out what spec is available. With you guys having years of experience I’d be very interested in your views on just two quick points. Is there a big difference in performance between the 231 and 264bhp...
  7. davymead


    Returning soon to the Benz ownership league with the acquisition of an E350 CDI coupe. Deep in the throws of sourcing the best available at my budget. My problem is always lack of patience.
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