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  1. Rctaylor1966

    IPod has no sound and disonnects (ntg 4.7 on R172 )

    I all, I have a Comand online ntg 4.7 that used to work perfectly with my iPod classic via the supplied cable to MI that came with car when delivered in october It connects fine and I can search albums/songs but there is no sound, since it was connected it's never left the centre console and...
  2. Rctaylor1966

    Sending Personal POI to Comand from Iphone 6

    Hi All, Ok so I have had my new R172 SLK (2016 Model) for just under a week now and am very pleased with it all in all. I have been playing with POI using Google Maps and the 'Send to Car' works really well. I was wondering if anyone has managed to figure out a way to do this via an...
  3. Rctaylor1966

    Expected delivery date

    Hi All, Just wondering peoples experiences with 'expected' delivery dates on new cars, I suspect it will be bang on with typical german efficiency but maybe you know otherwise
  4. Rctaylor1966

    Moved from iPhone 4S to Galaxy S3 Mini on W246 Audio 20 and SMS notification works

    Ell my iPhone 4s finally died and I decided to go down the Android route I was pleasantly surprised to find the car links in via Bluetooth to the phone and it all works first time i.e. Phone, Contacts, SMS and Music Streaming Seems the issue was with iPhone after all. :-)
  5. Rctaylor1966

    BT Streaming broken on iPhone 4S with Audio 20 single CD after iOs 7 update

    I all, I upgraded my iPhone 4S at the weekend and ever since it wont stream, sometimes it works for a minute or two then screen shows device as paused, pressing play on Audio 20 screen doesnt start it again. Seems Apple have surpassed themselg again and broken another feature that worked fine...
  6. Rctaylor1966

    Becker Danger Spot Update

    As anyone taken the plung and applied the Sept 2013 update yet ? Seems they have improved it a bit, but is it worth paying for, currently mine beeps and shows a camer icon but blurb implies it now indicates different cameras and i hope has different beeps for diff types ?
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