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  1. DanMorgan

    W124 320CE Dogleg Manual

    Just listed my other coupe (no point having two!) -> Mercedes W124 320CE - Ultra Rare Dogleg Manual | eBay
  2. DanMorgan

    Brabus D6 (III) Compatibility

    Hey, Looking at getting a Brabus D6 (III) Box installed into my E320 CDI W211. The majority of sellers state that they are compatible with all of the OM642 engines. i.e. W204/W219/W211 etc. An example that I might take a punt on if it is compatible -> Brabus D6 (III) 'Eco-Power X-tra' for...
  3. DanMorgan

    W211 Harsh Ride

    Good Afternoon, Recently picked up a cheap runabout 320 CDI Sport Estate (09) with a 155K miles on - Replacing a previous W210 E320 CDI (with 18 inch monoblocks). After driving it around for a while, I have noticed that the ride is much harder/firm than another W211 Sport in the family. -- I...
  4. DanMorgan

    R129 Pano Roof & AMG BBS 18 Inch & Oris Wind Deflector

    Haven't posted on here for a while but I have recently purchased a R129 that I have taken various parts from and have the following for the sale as I already own them. Please note, these are listed on eBay for inflated prices. The prices you see listed here are priced to sell (aka no offers)...
  5. DanMorgan

    R129 500 SL - Hard Vibration From Standstill

    Bought a 500SL around 6 months and only just been able to get it out now for the summer. Having driven it around, I noticed an alarming vibration when pulling out of junctions/roundabouts from virtually standstill. When the vibration occurs, I notice that the traction control light comes on...
  6. DanMorgan

    R129 300SL 24v

    Owned this R129 for over 5 years now and it will be a shame to see it go. Mercedes 300SL 24v - R129 (M104 Engine) | eBay Looking for £3,500
  7. DanMorgan

    R129 Panoramic Roof

    Discount for forum members - R129 Panoramic Roof - SL Hard Top | eBay
  8. DanMorgan

    Breaking W210 E55 AMG

    Started to break a W210 E55 AMG - Let me know of any parts that you require
  9. DanMorgan

    R129 Wind Deflector & Cover

    Complete Wind Deflector that comes with a Beige/Cream Cover too. £140 + £10 Postage In good all round condition. Will try and get pictures up soon!
  10. DanMorgan

    AMG Monoblocks - Staggered 8/9J

    Hey, Clearing out the garage and have a set of AMG Monoblocks for sale. In fairly good condition, refurbished around a year ago but a few marks here and there. Two have tyres at the front, although they are not the best and recommend you get them changed. Desirable staggered set. Prices of...
  11. DanMorgan

    W124 Wheels - Just Refurbished & Good Tyes (X4)

    W124 15" Wheels These wheels are suited for the W124 models. They all have 195/65/15 tyres that all have plenty of tread and the alloys have just been refurbished. Excellent way to smarten up your W124! £300 Cash on collection.
  12. DanMorgan

    R129 320SL - Spares and Repairs

    Posted in detail on eBay - MBClub discount of course though! Mercedes 320SL - R129 Spares & Repairs - Perfect Summer Project [12 Months MOT] | eBay
  13. DanMorgan

    W210 E55 AMG

    Purchased this fairly recently from a collector who is moving abroad. Ended up buying a SL320 shortly after for a price that I couldn't resist. Before it goes into storage, I will let it go to someone on here before I get attached to it! I have got the identical car myself in Silver, so I knew...
  14. DanMorgan

    W124 Diesel Estate - 300 24v - Blue

    Still clearing the current hoard of Mercs and next for sale is the W124 300 Diesel Estate Sold this to another forum member a few weeks back -> W210 E320 CDI - Full AMG Spec It is pretty good in terms of rust, the front wings need attention and a new rear bumper would be needed too. Provided...
  15. DanMorgan

    W210 E320 CDI - Full AMG Spec

    Stage 2 320CDi with Full AMG Kit Included is the E55 interior and spare interior parts. On 165K In terms of rust - Driver's Wing, boot lid and passenger rear wing if you were going to make it look perfect. After £2,000 - wheels and AMG kit if you were to break it would be close to that...
  16. DanMorgan

    W210 E320 CDI - Turbo - White Smoke & Burning Oil

    Basically, I have had the car on star and diagnosed a faulty air flow sensor as a cause to lack of power and limp mode. I switched the air flow sensor today and the turbo started to make the dreaded police siren noise. Around 10 miles of driving and clouds of white smoke started to billow out...
  17. DanMorgan

    W124 M103 300CE - Twin Turbo & Manual Installation

    Hi All, The coupe will be going through a big build in the next coming weeks and I have already got the twin turbos that are going off to be refurbed and been offered a complete manual setup. I have been offered a relatively cheap complete manual setup from a W124 280 Saloon (K Reg). It...
  18. DanMorgan

    R129 Grill Wanted

    Hi All, I'm after a R129 Grill that hasn't been painted at all. Or even after the slats as I have two that are missing! Thanks
  19. DanMorgan

    500 SEC

    Have written up and uploaded via eBay Will discount for Forum Members of course! Mercedes 500 SEC - W126 - Ideal Project Car | eBay
  20. DanMorgan

    W210 Saloon Breaking

    Breaking my old 320 CDi - Let me know if you need anything! Cheap for forum members. I have listed only two things on eBay. Things already gone are the rear lights and wooden steering wheel and the cluster. W210 Black Leather Interior - Heated & Air Cooled With Switches and Panel | eBay...
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