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  1. Bert_W164

    Black ML63 AMG on M40 (Friday)

    I know yours is silver 🤪 If the owner is on here...I was the 👽
  2. Bert_W164

    Black ML63 AMG on M40 (Friday)

    Hi, 70 in age or mph? Either way, negative. Fwiw, a traffic officer stopped the flow of traffic on the motorway, when traffic resumed, three clear lanes ahead, ready to get back to up cruising speed. No traction was broken (loss of control/stability), no speed limits were broken as the rest...
  3. Bert_W164

    Black ML63 AMG on M40 (Friday)

    You cheeky sod, I saw a big black SUV in my rear view mirror catching up at pace, lots of roaring and the Mercedes badge and instantly knew I had found my fellow car bro. It took me by surprise as my wife said there was a range back there trying to muscle its way forward too, but he just...
  4. Bert_W164

    Amg Pl calendar giveaway

    Sorry for never collecting it, long story short, I visited mum in SE London just before the lockdown re-started and ended up with Covid. Can't see myself visiting until lockdown is over. Out of courtesy, I wanted to explain why I never collected it.
  5. Bert_W164

    ML500 and ULEZ exemption

    Tut tut Mr. Dazzler, you've let the silver ML63 crew down 😔 hope you and the family are well mate.
  6. Bert_W164

    ML500 and ULEZ exemption

    Unpopular (possibly) opinion, I went to see a black one, and I felt the lines don't pop as it's just one big dark blob. To me, I felt it looked like a tall E class or something, I feel the silver really helps bring out the lines in the body. Although this is all subjective I suppose.
  7. Bert_W164

    MB Newcastle capricious reply

    So to summarise the learnings in this thread so far: - Op will give his monies to Scottish Mercs - @rf065 came over to the light and saved himself from being a dirty BMW driver again (says the guy who has owned over 6 of them) - @sambam2006 has deemed Mercs Newcastle as the worst possible shady...
  8. Bert_W164

    MB Newcastle capricious reply

    Thanks @rf065 for adding that information. I guess this is the trouble with electronic communications, it's hard to judge the tone, context etc of what someone is trying to say, and in default, it's easy to make an assumption. Manners don't cost a thing, a simple acknowledgment from the BMW...
  9. Bert_W164

    MB Newcastle capricious reply

    That was my thoughts too about BMW, he couldn't have wanted one that bad. I do understand where you're coming from, but it sounds like he wanted a car that fits his criteria as opposed to a specific model/brand.
  10. Bert_W164

    MB Newcastle capricious reply

    He didn't like how he was treated at a BMW dealership so he went across the road to a Mercedes dealership and bought a car. How does that translate to him throwing his toys out the pram or buying a lesser product? Each to their own, some people want to walk in, buy said item and walk out. In...
  11. Bert_W164

    How/when did you meet your better half?

    On a dating app, though my intentions were probably different to the majority, I was running a social experiment (I was respectful and up front about it, but not looking to commit to anyone anytime soon)...then along came the wife to be, I was like hey let's skip the small talk and just meet...
  12. Bert_W164

    Mercedes ML W164 Battery Drain

    Have you tested for resting current draw? Is the aux battery in good condition? Is the alternator in good condition, what's the charge voltage? Does the voltage fluctuate? Any gremlins with engine running? Is your rear Sam okay? Do you get any battery symbols pop up when driving? Sorry for...
  13. Bert_W164

    Amg Pl calendar giveaway

    Thanks, that's what I meant, AMG private lounge. I think I missed the boat.
  14. Bert_W164

    Amg Pl calendar giveaway

    I'm guessing I'm late to the party, can't see a link for the calendar anywhere in the AMG lounge 😟
  15. Bert_W164

    lets scream down the motorway, crash and film it!!

    Sure there's a lot of lorry drivers, idiots and other challenged individuals who pull out but surely if you're going to be speeding you'd at least leave a considerable amount of space between you and whatever is ahead. This ***** was attempting to undertake and clearly didn't plan ahead - glad...
  16. Bert_W164

    E63 S AMG record 1/4 mile

    A 10.x 1/4 mile run isn't that impressive in the grand scheme of drag racing. Don't get me wrong, it's stupidly quick, would make mince meat of my car, but spend a day at Santa Pod or go across the pond and suddenly a 10 second car isn't so special. As others have pointed out already, a Tesla...
  17. Bert_W164

    Meet Silvia the s211 e55 7 seater

    Came in expecting a Nissan, left satisfied.
  18. Bert_W164

    Passat W8

    Glad I read this 😉 there was me thinking ooo errr, could replace the golf with this...sounds like best be avoided.
  19. Bert_W164

    2016 E63 v 2020 E300d

    That's terrible fuel consumption! My Golf GT TD does 26-30 in city, approx 38 mixed and 50+ on motorway alone! Where as my M156 does 13/18/22... Genuinely surprised by the poor fuel consumptionon of the E300D, next time the wife has a go about fuel consumption, I'll suggest we buy a E300D and...
  20. Bert_W164

    Lane Hoggers?

    You mean the Audi lane. It's all changed now, Audi drivers are the new BMW drivers. *Coughs* my other car was not an Audi until recently.
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