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  1. simonl

    '97 SLK 230K Acceleration Problem

    Cheers! :-)
  2. simonl

    '97 SLK 230K Acceleration Problem

    nope. just got the standard merc one. cheers.
  3. simonl

    '97 SLK 230K Acceleration Problem

    Hi, Sorry for the (very) late reply. But it looks like the problem's finally fixed. The boots and breather pipes had all been replaced. A crack was found in the intercooler. A temporary fix has been made and I'm trying the car out for a few days to see how I get on - so far so good. Next...
  4. simonl

    '97 SLK 230K Acceleration Problem

    Cheers for the replies guys.... Hi BlackC55: I'd have to get back to the mechanic to get definite answers. I'll take a look at the air mass sensor. I saw the replacement get done - it was simple enough. The brass valves only were cleaned. It was done about 2 weeks after the air sensor was...
  5. simonl

    '97 SLK 230K Acceleration Problem

    Hi all, I have a '97 SLK 230K. The performance recently has been doing my head in. I have to accelerate very carefully and not press the accelerator too far in order to build up speed. I have to lift of the accel pedal to get the car to shift up and continue building speed. It doesn't occur...
  6. simonl

    The best laugh I’ve had in years

    A Talbot Horizon? Luxury. I used t'ave a bogey made from a couple o' bits o' wood an' some pram wheels dredged out' canal. :D .....true enought tho. i had an old metro. it were a wrecker. my dad told me to make do coz i'd probably smash it up.
  7. simonl

    Bloody traffic wardens ! *vent*

    good luck with your appeal. i got one yesterday. forgot to move my car from a pay & display to a resident's spot yesterday morning. came out the house around lunchtime. spotted car and prayed there wasn't a ticket on it, but nae luck. ironically i got a reminder from the council yesterday...
  8. simonl

    may they rot in hell

    Brian - the Pammy fan club ain't spoiling the thread. little bit of banter's all good fun :) Brett - the damage was done overnight while it was parked up near home. I stay in the New Town so it has to go on the street - until i win the lottery and can afford a garage lol. scratch is on the...
  9. simonl

    childish friday fun: captain poo!

    cheers m8. glad u liked it.
  10. simonl

    childish friday fun: captain poo! :D
  11. simonl

    may they rot in hell

    needs a respray - they done a "proper" job - right down to the metal.
  12. simonl

    may they rot in hell

    Some w**k keyed my bootlid last night. :mad: I hope they die a very painful lonely death after living a pathetic miserable life. ~£250 to fix - having just been made redundant it couldn't have come at a worse time. well i'm off to the gym to vent some anger :devil: :mad...
  13. simonl

    What we up to this Sunny Bank Holiday?

    out on the lash tonight. sat day recover. out on the lash on sat night. sun day recover. just booked monday off so out on the lash sun night. yippee!!!!! :D :D :D sunday night in edinburgh is a cracking night out as well.
  14. simonl


    design 'em to ignore mercs! :D
  15. simonl

    Xenon bulbs

    i thought if u had xenons in UK you needed self-levelling mechanism and headlamp washer jets? :confused:
  16. simonl

    Xenon bulbs

    hey there. have you considered fitting an HID conversion kit? m8 of mine got one from the US for his golf. fitted himself. <whispers>not strictly legal</whispers> but looks the absolute dogs! you can just put normal bulbs back in when it comes to mot time....or find a friendly mot garage...
  17. simonl

    about to buy slk320

    me too</aol> what are "aliens"? do you mean the headlamp washer jet thingies?
  18. simonl

    who's bin a silly boy....... :D
  19. simonl

    Chemical Brothers.....

    yeah, it's a freaky disturbing vid but total quality as well. love it - music vids are generally crap but i like this..... :)
  20. simonl

    What wristwatch do you wear?

    i don't wear a watch - my phone has a clock on it.
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