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  1. Bigdrew

    Wheel wax

    Hi looking for some wheel protection wax etc can anyone give me some advice what gives good protection
  2. Bigdrew

    Chrome wheel bolt covers

    Can anyone help was looking for chrome wheel bolt covers but only seem to find ones that cover the bolts but not the locking bolt can they be bought or do they not do them for that bolt
  3. Bigdrew

    Brake judder

    Hi hope someone can help I have a problem when the car is doing around 70mph the passenger seat seems to have a slight shake also when I brake at that speed there is a judder I changed the discs and pads thought the wheel might have a buckle but was OK also got it balanced the judder only seems...
  4. Bigdrew

    Wheel offset

    Hi I guess this might have been discussed but not to sure if these will fit at the moment I have 18in wheel 7.5j 52et was wandering if a 18in 8j 45et would fit OK without there being any rubbing etc and would I be able to use the standard wheel bolts
  5. Bigdrew

    Active exhaust sound booster

    Hi I was looking to putting one of these on my car has anyone got one on their car and was it easy to install or did you get it fitted at a garage if so how much would it cost
  6. Bigdrew

    Cla alloys

    Doesn't have to have tyres as long as they are in mint condition
  7. Bigdrew

    Cla wheels

    Hi want to change the wheels on my cla at the moment the have 7.5j 52et would it be OK to fit 8j 48et without any problem plus would I still be able to use the original wheel studs
  8. Bigdrew

    Cla dpf sensor

    Hi can anyone tell me the location of the dpf temperature sensor and Is it a big job to do
  9. Bigdrew

    Cla 220 cdi chip

    hi I know this has been discussed before I am interested putting a chip Box in my car I seen a company that does them has anyone Heard of them or used any of there chips any information would be helpful
  10. Bigdrew


    hi it's time for my clk 220 cdi to go I was thinking of replacing it with A cla 220 cdi amg 2015 does anyone know did Mercedes do the engine For this car or was it Renault like the A class also does anyone have one As I would like to know if they are any good
  11. Bigdrew

    ML rear tailgate light

    Hi hope someone can help the other day I was at the back of my car And noticed that the bottom part of the tailgate light was not on but the Top part was the one on the left was completely light my question is this The way it should be and is there bulbs in that unit that can be replaced or...
  12. Bigdrew

    ML advice

    hope someone can help I have a ml 350cdi bluetec a few month back when I Was going home I noticed that the exhaust seemed as it was blowing when I parked it up in the garage I could smell a strong smell of exhaust fumes the Next day everything was back to normal but a few months later it done...
  13. Bigdrew

    Car blower

    I was looking to buy a car blower don't know much about them Are they any good and are they worth the money
  14. Bigdrew

    ML w166 rear lights

    hi hopefully someone can help me I am looking for a full Set of rear lights for my ml I have looked on eBay etc but Can't find any or people wanting daft money for a single light Seen a full set of black ones for a reasonable price but I have Never seen these on this model so has anyone got a...
  15. Bigdrew


    Hi a friend of mine was given a set of 9.5j 22inch wheeis without Tyres what would be the widest tyre to fit them I thought maybe 285/35 Or would 275/35 be better has anyone any thoughts on this
  16. Bigdrew

    Exhaust tone

    Hi hope someone can help I have a Ml 350 bluetec 2012 I have had it for over Two years the other day I opened the window as I was driving which I don't normally Do the exhaust seems to have a sound like a sports exhaust I thought maybe it was Blowing but when I parked it up in the garage I...
  17. Bigdrew

    Service indecator

    Hi hope someone can help my ML w166 was due a A1 service but I have only Done 3000 miles this year in it so I decided to just do a oil and filter change myself what I want to know is how to change the message on the dash saying service due can this be done manually
  18. Bigdrew

    CL55 or C55

    Hi looking for some information hopefully you guys Can help I am thinking of replacing my CLK for something Else I was looking at a CL55 or a C55 is there any problems I Should be looking out for with any of these cars and which one Would be the best to buy
  19. Bigdrew

    Hid kits

    hi there I am looking to upgrade my lights with a hid kit on a ML 350 cdi 2012Has anyone done this and is there any issues with them and what is the best one to buyI have tried various other bulbs but the seem to be no better than the standard ones
  20. Bigdrew

    Wheel wax

    Hi can does anyone know a good wheel wax for blackAnd polished wheels
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