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    FS 2004 W211 E55 - Obsidian Black

    Hello there. Very reluctantly creating this ad as I would like to test the waters here. I bought an 2004 W211 E55 off a member here in July 2017 with 86,500 miles on the clock. As known the M113k engine has been very reliable and overall the w211 has been a joy over the last 2 years. Since...
  2. JustIgnore

    When people change lanes without looking and indicating..

    Very nearly had an accident couple of days ago on the A3 towards Guildford. It was dark and I was driving on the fastest track with medium traffic in the middle lane around 52-53mph when a police car popped up in my mirror. Obviously trying to make space, I sped a bit to around 57-60mph to...
  3. JustIgnore

    Petrol Smell inside

    Hi. I own an E55 for 2 months now and sometimes I smell very strong petrol odor inside the cabin. I noticed that it happens when the car is in a stop and go traffic. The first time it happened when the fuel was 3/4 full and yesterday it was 1/4 but I could still smell it. I found out that...
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    2004 Golf mk4 2.0 GTI

    Hi. Up for sale is my Golf 2.0 GTi as I am moving abroad to Germany. Mileage: 126000 MOT Till November 2017 I purchased the car back in February. It had new pads and discs front. I did an oil + filter change and fixed a faulty wheel bearing and leaking CV boot. Car drives really...
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    Cheapest E55 in UK...

    .. but highest mileage? 2003 Mercedes-Benz 5.4 auto E55 AMG SAT NAV | eBay I know the engines are bullet proof, what do you think?
  6. JustIgnore

    NTG1 APS Reset to W211_ECE

    Hi. A mate of mine played around on my E55 and wanted to switch it to the AMG logo during boot up, which he succeeded but selected the AMG211_USA option instead of AMG211_ECE... :doh: Anyways, now I lack the DVD and TA feature but have the WB softkey, plus I just can't get into the config menu...
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    Very reasonable priced E55

    e55 AMG | eBay Looks like a very nice example, especially for this asking price.
  8. JustIgnore

    SBC Hold unavailable

    Hi. A lot of topics on this matter, but none that could give me a definitive answer. Basically I picked up an E55k yesterday, and whenever I would like to use the SBC Hold feature, it comes with the SBC Hold unavailable. From what I found, it may be a switch at the gear lever, that is...
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    Poor E55 AMG

    Seen on ebay: mercedes e55 amg | eBay Sad seeing an e55 in this condition. Could be a bargain if the description is correct.
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    Wtb: W211 e55

    Hi. I am currently looking for a good example of an E55, 2004 onwards. Mileage max 80k Ideally 2 - 3 owners FSH Budget is around £11.000. Thanks
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