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  1. wu56Shoozz

    For the War Veterans amongst us

    This classic War Veteran is in need of YOUR help. She helped us during WWII as a minesweeper in the Solent and made the journey to Dunkirk on D Day evacuating 7000 troops, and now has been let down by society... Click here to support Saving Paddle steamer Ryde organised by P.s Ryde Trust
  2. wu56Shoozz


    One Word... "AWESOME" Loved it to bits.. Tom Hardy Is Ace (Nothing new there..) As Eddie Brock.. could have been a stronger cast for him, but he carries it off without a care .. just brilliant! Great action, comedy, the lot, ignore reviews it FLIES! ;)
  3. wu56Shoozz

    A Recommendation For WWII Enthusiasts

    On National Geographic This week: War Heroes of the Skies :Total War Its about Lancaster Crews.. amazing, just amazing
  4. wu56Shoozz

    Head up guys on a new scam

    I received 3 of these so far, fortunately the Virus software caught it.. $$$$$$@@@@ Hey. It's me! Your future friend or enemy. You do not know me and think why I received this letter. I am sorry for my english, its not my native language. I learn more machine language - code. I hack...
  5. wu56Shoozz

    Are there any "Cooks" In da House

    Okay, so I have a great deal of spare time on my hands just now, and as a result kinda get my kicks out of varying the missus diet. She enjoys this because its alway a different meal at Tea time and is impressed by my level of culinary efforts. However, I'm trying to perfect a Singapore Chow...
  6. wu56Shoozz

    Welcome back Billy Monger..

    Amputee racing driver back at Donington Now thats a hero with balls of steel...
  7. wu56Shoozz

    Need to know if I have a Water Sensor..

    W639 Fuel Filter with sensor OR without sensor? Chassis Number:WDF63960323266416 Engine Code:64698250255116 Many Thanks In Advance.:thumb:
  8. wu56Shoozz

    One for the Heavy Metal Fans Out there the voice to "Ironhide" (Transformers) amongst others, He has an incredible range of voice, and found fame as a voicing artist. P.S Chris, get those lycras pumping, sit ups to the drum'll get there ;););)
  9. wu56Shoozz

    The Best..

    "A couple of Swells" Coming soon.. I'm a huge fan so that's the popcorn and drinks ordered..Enjoy: ‘Stan & Ollie’ Trailer Features Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly as the Iconic Comedy Duo
  10. wu56Shoozz

    Yet another Departs...

    R.I.P Dudley Sutton (AKA "Tinker - Lovejoy TV Series) Lovejoy's 'Tinker' dies aged 85
  11. wu56Shoozz

    Who has right of way??

    Google Maps whifflet north junction - Google Search I've enclose two views of a particular junction in Coatbridge. The A725 is 4 lanes. Two up (North/Top of the Map) & Two (South/Bottom of the map) You approach this junction on the outside lane, indicating that you wish to turn right onto the...
  12. wu56Shoozz

    How's Mr Millar This weather..

    Seeing as his PM is broke - think he parked his Pajero on top of it lols! Just curious how you are and looking for an update mate..;)
  13. wu56Shoozz


    For those into their WWII Films based on true stories, catch this one before it slips the net. A little heavy handed on the CGI but it tells the tale of 303 squadron designed for the Polish that came over to fight the Germans during the War Effort.. It was good, I have to say and I'm glad I...
  14. wu56Shoozz

    Nearing the End..

    So I'm nearly fished derusting my Jeep.. However Ive hit a dilemma and wondered what's your thoughts (Yes I'm aware its not a Merc....but it has a Merc 5 Pot in her :p ) So the fuel tank has a protective shield and kind of first skin if you must. Its pretty badly corroded, all surface rust. So...
  15. wu56Shoozz

    The Millennial Interview...

    LinkedIn Its coming.......
  16. wu56Shoozz


    Okay, I'm wanting to spray the inner wings of my car (Non Merc) and I'm trying to use up all my "Rust proofing" gear that I have left. I have two cans on Waxoyl Clear - however when I go to spray it it comes out en mass.. no fine mist or clear mist apparent. I've dunked it in boiling hot water...
  17. wu56Shoozz

    Engine Mount Part Numbers please?

    Hi, I'm looking for the Engine Mounts Part Numbers for my 2006 W203 320CDi OM642 and wondered if any one could help. I'm looking for both mounts (Left & Right) AND Gearbox mount.. Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  18. wu56Shoozz

    Anybody into Watching "STREET OUTLAWS"?

    Just Curious..
  19. wu56Shoozz

    An Interesting read for New BMW Owners...

    A Dutch first: Ingenious BMW theft attempt – Ramblings of a Dutch dev Just thought you should know..
  20. wu56Shoozz

    Needing a Fuel sender/pump

    The car is a W203 C320CDi (2006) Someone mentioned a parts place beginning with "O" (All you Eye Spy Freaks sit back down Lols!) For the life of me I can't find it .. It must be Part Number 1582881007 Many Thanks in advance :thumb:
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