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  1. Mr Fixit

    2007 Ml63 Engine number location

    Went to see a 2007 ML63 with 105Kmiles, nice car great nick but the air compressor making a hissing sound when the engine turned off. I also need to know where the engine number is as its not on the logbook SO I CAN CHECK RE HEAD BOLTS. VIN WDC1641772A185513 ta
  2. Mr Fixit

    ML6.3V8 or 5.5TT V8

    I'm looking for an ML V8, I really like the 164 with the V8 but may go up to the 6.3 and that leads me into the 5.5TT territory. what the feeling on the 6.3 vs the 5.5tt, happy with the ML side of this but would like some thoughts on the different engines Head bolts on the 6.3 I hear about! Ta
  3. Mr Fixit

    SLK R172 quality outdoor cover and Wind deflector for sale

    I have an AUTOABDECKUNG premium outdoor cover for a R172 SLK and a wind deflector suitable for an SLK with Air guides Cover is new and used once - Inside lined with soft & print-friendly fleece material - with ventilation slots - easy to use - quick fastening by elastic bands in the hem at...
  4. Mr Fixit


    So after a C32, a couple of C55's E55's and SLk55 (via a cayman) and currently running a ML320 petrol I'm thinking of going for a GLC 43 SUV as a happy medium. I like the size as its not big like the others out there and being on the C class platform probably slightly smaller than my 163ML...
  5. Mr Fixit

    2003 Ml 320 Petrol

    bit of a tester really as looking fro a W164, bought through the forum and with new tyres, discs all round, serviced and MOt to November 2021. Has a after market stereo that plays Ipods etc. Removable tow bar. 60,000 miles. grey leather interior and in full working order OEM sidebars and drive...
  6. Mr Fixit

    Porsche Cayman 987 Gen II Winters

    I have a set of OEM Porsche Cayman Gen 2 987 18in Winter rims and tyres £500 Free delivery within 20Miles Co61RG PIRELLI WINTER TIRES 235 40 18 91V N1 PIRELLI WINTER TIRES 255 40 18 95V N1 ORIGINAL PORSCHE 8J u. 9J X 18 INCH ALLOY WHEELS ET 57 u. 43 LK 5X130
  7. Mr Fixit

    Cayman vs SLK55

    Just a quick update, some of you may have seen I changed the SLK55 for a Cayman. I did not get on well with the Cayman. It drove great but was noisy and harsh inside, very much more 'sports' orientated and I preferred the more luxury sports car Mercedes approach, it was also light on options had...
  8. Mr Fixit

    [SOLD] 2012 SLK55 AMG, IRIDUIM GRAY, PP, Light pack, Magic Roof, HK

    I'm selling my SLK55 as I'm going into business with my son (well helping to fund)!! As you know I have been a fan of Big merc for a while with a string of C55's and E55's but this will be a very reluctant sale, she is 2012 Iridium Gray (1 of 3500 I think) and well spec'ed with Performance...
  9. Mr Fixit

    ML320 W163 towing electrics

    here's on for you. Fitted the 'convertor' to the ML (from E55Boff and it's been great) so I can tow our trailer with lights! Checked all the lights, etc before connecting the trailer all working fine, plugin trailer, and again all working fine aside from a few bulbs on the trailer and a bad...
  10. Mr Fixit

    2014 SLK350 pads and discs

    I have a pair of brand new unused Pagid discs and a set of Eisher pads for a 2014 SLK 350 £150 ono the lot free delivery within 20 miles CO6 Nick
  11. Mr Fixit

    W211 parts

    I have a few spares from my 2004 E55 3 silver wing mirror covers one for each side and a spare with LED'S £25 Set of lowering arms for the front £20 some of the mirror mechanisms and wiring but motors are suspect £35 Set of manuals for W211 E55 £35 Let me know if you are intersted
  12. Mr Fixit

    Genuine MB E55 Rims

    I have a spare set of wheels for the E55 2 off 8J 18 ET 30 and 2 off 9J ET39, they do have tyres on them but not worth much, one rear rim has a crack and they could use a refurb but all straight £350 ONO collection Colchester 07508907003
  13. Mr Fixit

    Pirelli Scorpion Ice and Snow Winter Wheels 17 inch 8 1/2 J (Et 47 and 54)

    17in Mercedes genuine alloy wheels with Pirelli Scorpion Ice and Snow tyres off my ML. Size 275 / 55 / r17 109H M+S and I think they are on 81/2 j et 52 (2 off) and Et 47 (2 off) but will check and confirm Tyres are in excellent condition estimated 4000 driven miles from new. Alloys again...
  14. Mr Fixit

    Which ML, 55 , 63, or 5.5TT

    OK, so I have a hankering for and ML with E55 performance so which ML is the one! ML55 seems to have the strongest motor but its a bit dated. Does the Ml63NA suffer from engine issues as seem in the other 63's or is it worth splashing out for the newer 63 with the turbo engine Discuss
  15. Mr Fixit

    2004 E55 Salon Brilliant Silver

    I’m looking to sell the E55 I bought from Roger (AMGed) on the 30/09/19 because we have found a house unexpectedly (viewed today) and looking to move out into the sticks so the ML320 I bought from Denis (E55BOF) is better suited to the lanes. In addition, and based on the above, I’m now ‘under...
  16. Mr Fixit

    Viseeo MBU 3000 user manual

    I have one fitted but no manual does anybody know where to find one
  17. Mr Fixit

    update ;- which one to belie

    so checking the speedo etc this is what appears to be happening The speedo is displaying MPH but the computer 'thinks' this is KPH The digital display is displaying the correct MPH for the KPH calculation so at an indicated 80mph (and I think correct) on the speedo the MPH digital display says...
  18. Mr Fixit

    Arnott vs Aerosus

    Need a new front air unit, does anybody have any thoughts on Areosus verses, Arnott, aside formthe obvious price delta Mercedes E Klasse W211 / S211 AMG Federbein Vorne Links - A2113205338 | Aerosus
  19. Mr Fixit

    which one to believe

    speedo on mine;- why is there such a big difference between the speedo and the digital display, any ideas
  20. Mr Fixit

    E55 air suspension

    Quick question;- do all these show the 'car rising' and 'car lowering' on the dash?? Ta
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