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  1. nb_racing

    BOTG video.

    Hi all, Please enjoy the 2016 Benz On The Green film below. Apologies for the delay in getting it up, totally my fault. :o Hope you all like it! Thanks to all who feature in it! Nick.
  2. nb_racing

    Info for BOTG this saturday.

    Hi all, Just a couple of things to note for this Saturday if you are joining us for BOTG; We will be doing the drive-out again this year along the same route as most people didn't make it... So... please can everyone wishing to go on the drive-out make sure they have plenty of fuel when...
  3. nb_racing

    C63 lsd for sale

    Hi all, I have a c63 amg lsd for sale. Full working order. Comes without the additional cooling fins. £950. Pictures here:
  4. nb_racing

    Advice on garage floor paint

    Hi all. I'm wanting to paint my garage floor, it's an old concrete floor which isn't too great but essentially solid. It's obviously very dusty so I'm after some first hand experience or advice on the best paint to use and whether or not to seal it first in order for the paint to adhere...
  5. nb_racing

    Strange advert???

    I don't normally share stuff like this. But what on gods earth is this rambling advert going on about?!?! Newly Used Cars at unbelievable prices. powered by phpDealer - 2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Diesel I don't believe their stock list is real. I wondered if they are some kind of agent...
  6. nb_racing

    w210 E55 supercharged on Speedhunters

    OMG... AMG? No, Much Better - Speedhunters
  7. nb_racing

    C63 Carbon Diffuser, Coupe facelift

    For sale; C63 carbon diffuser. Fits coupe facelift car. It's non genuine but seems of good quality. It is used, and as such has some evidence of use. Offered at £100. Collection only please, Milton Keynes office hours or Banbury evenings and weekends. Due to problems I've had selling...
  8. nb_racing

    190 track car

    Mercedes 190 Track car | eBay
  9. nb_racing

    2 litres...

    Saw this on my Facebook feed. Made me chuckle so I thought I'd share.
  10. nb_racing

    Did you come to Benz On The Green?

    We have sent out an email to all those who opted in at registration. Please check your email and junk folders. It is from If you didn't opt in and would like to give us some feedback please email me at the address and I'll get back to you. Cheers!
  11. nb_racing

    dream project

    If you had the time, money, space, skill, what would be your chosen (or dream) engine/chassis project car build? E30 + M113 5.4 Or MX5 Mk1 + supercharged Hayabusa
  12. nb_racing

    Can someone help with an EPC part number enquiry?

    Got a couple of part numbers I need identifying in regards to a c63 lsd. They are 204 351 06 08 and 203 351 07 05 although the last 5 might be a 6. I think these are number for components and ideally I'd like the number for the assembly, and determine the final drive ratio. Many thanks.
  13. nb_racing

    Charity Auction at Benz On The Green.

    This year Benz On The Green will have its first charity auction OPEN TO ALL! You do not have to be attending to bid! We have 2 amazing lots: Lot 1 A tour of the Red Bull Racing F1 factory in Milton Keynes for 4 people; this truly is money can’t buy. Red Bull are very strict on who they let...
  14. nb_racing

    E55 4matic

  15. nb_racing

    manual box on M113

    Hi all, In theory, can you bolt a manual box, from say a 170 SLK320 (112 engine), onto a 113 V8? The 112 and 113 are essentailly the same. So does anyone know for sure if the bolt pattern is the same? Also, if a 113 from a 210 E55 was used as a donor engine in a project, can you run it on...
  16. nb_racing

    Detailing World forum

    Not a plug or advert, but just wondered if anyone uses the forum Detailing World? Thoughts, impressions etc? :-)
  17. nb_racing

    Vmax of E55k???

    Anyone care to share the proven or theoretical top speed of a derestricted E55k? Cheers. :D
  18. nb_racing

    Lovely Blown 124

  19. nb_racing

    Any SLS owners out there?

    Wondered if we have any owners of SLS, SLR, AMG-GT out there? 190evo? Classics? CLS shooting brake?
  20. nb_racing

    W210 E55 disc prices

    Anyone know the ball park figure of genuine E55 210 front discs at the moment? I know they took a nose dive from their £250ish each price; wondered where they are now. Cheers.
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