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  1. StMarks

    Vito 639 Glowplug light re-illumination

    My Vito 639 109cdi has recently developed a new issue. When starting from cold, the Glowplug warning light illuminates for a few seconds as usual. However a few seconds after I have started the engine the Glowplug light now re-illuminates for about 30 seconds. The van starts & runs fine, so...
  2. StMarks

    Vito 639 Gearbox repair.

    Vito 639 Gearbox repair advice wanted. Hi guys, I am looking for some advice please. I have a 2007 Vito which I love (galvanised, so none of the tin-worm issues my previous 638 suffered from). However it does have one major problem; It jumps out of first gear. I need to sort this, and am...
  3. StMarks

    Vito 638 Instruments mystery

    I have a 2001 Vito 110cdi. I was driving out of town last night, at around 40mph when my interior light came on and the instruments went out. By "went out" I mean the rev' gauge & speedometer stopped where they were, the odometer LCD's went out, the temp gauge & fuel gauge dropped to nothing &...
  4. StMarks

    Piston identification

    Hi there MB experts. Well, having confirmed my ticking noise as piston slap I have removed my engine, stripped it down, removed the offending No4 Piston & Conrod. Now I am trying to source a replacement. There are various numbers cast on the side of the piston & etched into the crown of the...
  5. StMarks

    Has someone on here parked there MB at the train station...

    BBC News - Car left on island of asphalt by Edinburgh Waverley workers :rolleyes:
  6. StMarks

    Vito 110cdi tapping sound

    Hi there, I'm a newbie on here, & I wonder if anyone on here is able to advise me.? I have recently purchased a 2001 Vito 110cdi with 111k on the clock. It has a "bit of a rattle", and I'm struggling to diagnose it. I've posted up a little video on youtube,
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