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  1. Benzmanc

    Icarsoft i980

    Mercedes specific and general OBDII, very good condition with carry case. £50 plus £7 post or collect if local (Hyde, Tameside) First come first served
  2. Benzmanc

    Blackvue DR590w-1ch

    For sale, boxed with all instructions, mount and power lead. Will only need a new sticky pad available from any motor factors (the rear view mirror type) £60 plus £5 postage or collect if local (Hyde, Tameside)
  3. Benzmanc

    R231 SL 350

    With a new car incoming I am selling my SL 350 after having owned it for almost 2 completely trouble free years. 2013 '13' plate 65500 miles Full service history, had a B service done last year including gearbox fluid MOT due in April but I will put it through for the new owner 2 Brand new...
  4. Benzmanc

    Bristol diesel ban

    Bristol approves clean air diesel ban £100 charge for trucks, I can see supermarket prices increasing
  5. Benzmanc

    Recall notice

    Received a recall notice today from MB which states that my air-con refrigerant may not correspond to the type approval and needs to be changed. I find it odd they have only just discovered this as the car is 6 years old. I suppose the benefit is a free re-gas. Anyone else had this???
  6. Benzmanc

    Cricket Fans

    Just been having a chat with the chap that owns our holiday home here in Barbados. Turns out it's this chap Roland Butcher - Wikipedia I had no idea as i don't follow cricket
  7. Benzmanc

    Would you buy one....

    ... I wouldn't. Looks like a golf on stilts Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet Review (2019) | Parkers
  8. Benzmanc

    Quickest way across the channel...

    Franky Zapata: French hoverboard inventor successfully crosses the Channel for the first time Just hope the migrants don't cotton on to it :D
  9. Benzmanc

    Ello Ello Ello...

    ...What's going on here then?? Police find large cannabis farm - in police station
  10. Benzmanc

    Bank Holiday Queues....

    ......seems they get everywhere Astonishing image shows hundreds QUEUING to reach Everest summit
  11. Benzmanc


    If you have Sky and are not watching this then you are really missing out on the years best mini series. It's just absolutely staggering in it's presentation, acting, make-up etc Almost as if they had filmed it at the actual event Stunning Chernobyl
  12. Benzmanc

    Peter Mayhew

    Bye Bye Chewie RIP Ford pays tribute to Chewbacca star Mayhew
  13. Benzmanc

    What will Happen??

    My car is bleating that my service is due in 7 days. It's booked in for a week on Saturday. What will happen when the time is up. Will it expire in a cloud of smoke? Will it refuse to start?? Or will i be shot for disobeying a direct order :D Place your bets........ Just pondering tongue...
  14. Benzmanc

    MOT Advisory

    Had my MOT today, tester advised of a few small cuts on the inside edge of both front tyres. He asked if i had a gravel drive. I do but not for long as it will soon be block paved. I'll replace the tyres after the drive is completed. Has anyone else had this?? Other than that she passed...
  15. Benzmanc

    New Toy

    Just about to start the block paving of my driveway so i bought this, Time for some fun.......
  16. Benzmanc

    Car thieves......The End Is Nigh.......

  17. Benzmanc

    Rolls Royce SUV

    Is nothing sacred Cullinan – Rolls-Royce
  18. Benzmanc

    Pouch discount finder

    This is an add on for Chrome but i think there is one for Explorer too. Instantly finds codes and vouchers etc if there are any as soon as you go on a website Pouch - Instantly Get UK Voucher Codes
  19. Benzmanc

    CLS on Gumtree anyone???

    Mercedes cls320 cdi sport | in Greenford, London | Gumtree
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