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  1. astamir

    slk320 r170 radiator needed

    lm after a radiator with parts number a2025007803
  2. astamir

    w208 amg front bumper and radiator needed

    Hello everyone An AMG front bumper and radiator needed for clk55 w208 model I think the radiator from r170 slk320 is with the same part number Give me a shout if any available please
  3. astamir

    clk w209 specs identification help needed

    Hello everyone Ive got clk500 w209 model that has been damaged previously from what I can see it has or should have xenon headlights, but it has some HID bulbs fitted very badly with wires messed up. I am planing to put new headlights and don't know what headlights it should be.\anyone can help...
  4. astamir

    w208 clk working boot and door lock with key

    Hi any breakers in or around London Im after the door and boot lock with key in working condition
  5. astamir

    w639 viano central locking problem

    Hi everyone I hope everyone is safe with this virus going on around and wish everyone the best. Im having a problem with my viano central locking and help needed guys. the front doors locks ok but the rears doesn't and it keeps beeping saying the door open on dashboard. I'm guessing its the boot...
  6. astamir

    Clk W208 body parts

    Guys help needed in sourcing rust free/new bodyparts for w208. I have a clk55 w208 model with badly rusted rear arches, boot lid, doors and wings. And I'm looking for body parts for resto project. Thanks in advance Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. astamir

    Paul from eurocharge Watford

    Hi guys Anyone know how did it go with Paul from eurocharge in watford last time I heard he had a cancer or so. I hope he overcome it and doing well now has anyone heard anything? Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
  8. astamir

    18" alloy wheels

    18" alloy wheels w208 w202 fitment with 10mm spacers at the back for w208 with good accelera tyres with plenty of thread left. Wheels have a small marks I guess on all of them nore pictures available on request. Located in north london wood green area. Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
  9. astamir

    A207 interior parts

    Ive got some a207 interior parts please see the pictures and if anything you are interested in let me know please I also have some other bits like mats in very good condition door cards and trims I'll update the pictures later. Thanks Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
  10. astamir

    WTB clk w208 door lock and vacuum pump

    Looking for door lock, boot lock with keys and central locking vacuum pump. In Portsmouth at the moment will be going back to London tomorrow if anyone got one for sale who is on the way please give me a shout. I guess the locks and pump from w210 and w202 might fit too. Thanks Sent from my...
  11. astamir

    Unrecorded accident damaged spares or repair 2004 e320 cdi 7 seater

    Spares or repair unrecorded accident damaged 7 seater version with sat nav and heated seats starts and drives bonnet headlights radiator and bumper. And other small damages please see the pictures. Thanks Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
  12. astamir

    Viano cluster problem

    Hi everyone I've got a problem with cluster gone dark and no mileage shows no petrol gauge no rev counter functioning strangely the parking sensors stopped working too. Can it be just a fuse or is it a cluster repair job? Thanks in advance guys Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
  13. astamir

    2004 mercedes benz viano 3.2 petrol non starter

    Hello everyone. I've got a problem with viano m112 petrol v6 engine not starting. The dashboard was saying alternator/battery problem charged the battery, replaced the alternator with no luck but there is no fuel in the fuel rail. So no fuels now I'm guessing the problem is with the fuel pump as...
  14. astamir

    w209 clk fuel tank removal

    I'm in a process of replacing my rear brake pipes on clk500 209 model. it's not easy I have to admit ))) specially doing it on the floor. I'm at the stage where I need drop the fuel tank I removed the 13mm and the 27mm nuts and it looks the drive shaft has to come a part to drop the fuel tank...
  15. astamir

    W209 clk500 brake lines replacement help pls

    Hi everyone! Help with WIZ needed pls the rear offside brake line gone rusty and started leaking jacked it up and was thinking to replace the both rear brake lines to the rear calipers. At this stage it looks to me I need to drop down a bit or remove the petrol tank? Drop down a bit or remove...
  16. astamir

    2004 Mercedes clk500

    Hi everyone! Decided to sell my 2004 facelift clk500 161k on the clock was starting and driving till recently the corroded brake pipe failed and started leaking the brake fluid been quoted 365plus VAT from local indy. I have too many other projects and dont want this to break or keep it...
  17. astamir

    S211 320cdi abs pump air leak

    Hi everyone! I had a small problem with my estate e320cdi s211 the driver side rear air spring was sinking a bit and stayed lower then the other side. So I bought two rear air springs fitted them nothing changed, still the driver side stay lower then the passenger side. The only thing I noticed...
  18. astamir

    A-B-C a169 class 18" alloy wheels with tyres

    I've got a set of 4 wheels with almost brand new pirreli tyres for a class mercs but I guess they should fit B and C class as well. The wheels can be used as they are but ideally refurbishment needed based in north London wood green. Looking around £450 or nearest offer. Thanks Sent from my...
  19. astamir

    18" A,CLA class alloy wheels

    A set of 4 wheels for A, CLA class available for sale here. Might fit other models too. Based in north London wood green cash on collection preffered can post at the buyer's expense. Can be used as they are small curb rush marks on the edge but nothing major really. Looking for £450. Thanks...
  20. astamir

    18" Mercedes amg alloy wheels

    A set of 4 in a decent condition for sale here guys. These are originally for w211 chassi but will fit some other models too. These are in a decent condition with one scratch on one of them tyres are not so good more than half of them gone I guess. Based in north London wood green. Cash on...
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