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  1. C36fan

    bluewater meet 8th of April.

    hi guys a few of us are planning to meet at bluewater, I thought I'd invite over everyone else that is willing to join us. hope to see a few of you Saturday!
  2. C36fan

    bluewater meet 27th of April.

    hi guys been long due a proper meet at bluewater , me and a few friends going to meet there at usual spot anyone is welcome to join. looking forward to see everyone.
  3. C36fan

    Bluewater meet 28/04/2018

    Hi peeps I wonder if anyone is up for a Bluewater meet this Saturday let me know your thoughts.
  4. C36fan

    Bluewater meet 11/02/2018

    Hi guys been a long time since we seen each other, I'd like to organise a gtg on the 11th of Feb let me know if you guys can make it. Best regards and looking forward to see you all. Bruno
  5. C36fan

    My day at msl.

    Yesterday I went to msl and had my cls decated and acid worked his magic and managed to produce 710hp and 900ftlb of torque. Many thanks to torqueflow team and msl to transform my beast , roll on vmax! Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  6. C36fan

    W210 facelift saloon

    Hi I'm after a w210 facelift avantgard and silver if possible for spares no matter what condition . Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  7. C36fan

    New addition to the family.

    Hi peeps after 4 year of buying my last car the C63 I thought I'd treat myself with a new mota ,I started to search for a cl65 but they are rare as hens teeth and patience isn't my forte I looked in to cl63tt but again the ones available didn't tickle my pickle . So I started to look to w218...
  8. C36fan

    becker map pilot

    Hi could anyone supply me with the part number for becker map pilot for the new vito? Many thanks in advance.
  9. C36fan

    my old Vito for sale

    Hi boys time has come and I bought a new Vito so the old is up for sale . Good spec Side bars Roof rails Chrome grill Rear chrome tailgate trim Alloy wheels Ac Pioneer avic960dab Reverse camera Hertz speakers Hertz amplifier Subwoofer Bluetooth 2 service left at mb She has covered 95k...
  10. C36fan

    happy birthday Acid!

    Happy birthday my friend and many returns!
  11. C36fan

    Bluewater meet 6th july

    Hi peeps who wants to meet next Saturday at bluewater? I'm looking forward to hear from you !:)
  12. C36fan

    Happy birthday chrisA!

    Happy birthday mate and many returns ! I wish you a lovely day!:)
  13. C36fan

    Happy birthday steve maxwell!

    Happy birthday mate and many returns!:)
  14. C36fan

    My c63 weistec stage3 at MSL

    Hi boys and girls I've raced my car a few times now at vmax , and she made me very proud all times . Earlier last month acid decided to put his car back to stock and offered my his stage 3 set up and I couldn't resist , so I dropped the car and the works started. Acid/Sarim and their team...
  15. C36fan

    Happy birthday Simon1966!

    Happy birthday mate and many returns!:) Enjoy your day!
  16. C36fan

    Happy birthday Don!

    Happy birthday mate and many returns!! I hope you have a lovely day!:D
  17. C36fan

    Happy birthday acid!

    Happy birthday mate I wish all good for you !!:) Keep making us happy with your good work for many years!!:D
  18. C36fan

    Once more my 63 made me proud !

    Yesterday me and a few friends went to attend vmax stealth and I was rather impressed with my c63 I got 187mph of a standing still start in a 1.5 mile track in the wet . Also acej aka Justin broke into 200mph !!:cool: So I tried my car a few times now ,and I think is time now to move on .... I'm...
  19. C36fan

    Happy birthday "The_Don!

    Happy birthday mate and I hope you enjoy your day!:)
  20. C36fan

    Time as come !

    Hi guys! My E55 W210 is getting a bit rusty so I decided time as come to give her a full treatment! This car is very special to me ,despite having a C63 the old girl is my favourite and I intend to keep her for the rest of my days ,I don't know explain why she is my favourite just is!!:) Any...
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