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  1. Dickster

    Workshop manual

    What’s the best source for a workshop manual for an SL55 AMG? I had the WIS virtual manual but it’s a nightmare to use, and now that it’s been updated I can’t find my way around it. thanks
  2. Dickster

    What SLK to go for ?

    I have a friend interested in buying an SLK for his wife for around £3k. What’s the best year and engine to go for? Anything to watch out for? Thanks
  3. Dickster

    R230 fitting a DAB aerial to the windscreen

    I’ve bought a Kenwood DAB/BT unit and it recommends fixing the aerial to the windscreen. Anyone done this? Is it easy to remove the trim from the A pillar? cheers
  4. Dickster

    Wind deflector damage

    Hi there I just bought this on ebay and unfortunately it got damaged in transit - it was well packaged, or so I thought. Will this affect the operation? Can I weld/glue the piece back? With what? Thanks
  5. Dickster

    Battery dash warning visit workshop

    Hi there, I have owned my car for 15 months and this warning has always appeared when I start the car. It does not reappear whilst driving so I have lived with it. I fitted the relay 57 initially but that hasn’t sorted the issue - although that and terminal 61 are mentioned when I run a scan...
  6. Dickster

    SL55 spat out its ABC fluid today

    I got an ABC warning workshop visit today. When I got home I opened the bonnet to find oil sprayed on the inside from the reservoir. I understand this is likely to be an accumulator and I think it’s the rear. I’ve decided to replace all the accumulators. what side of the car are they on and how...
  7. Dickster

    R230 interior trim options?

    My SL55 came with carbon fibre trim when I bought it and i had assumed that it was a factory option - is that likely to be the case? Was it a factory option? Cheers
  8. Dickster

    Replacement unit is mIssing temperature control for side and centre vents

    My SL55’s centre vent unit’s plastic has degraded and become sticky all over - and where it is in the middle of the dash is an eyesore. So I ordered a replacement from the US which is in great condition. What I didn’t notice was that the two small controls for the temperature are not there -...
  9. Dickster

    SL55 strange noise/issue - possibly S/C

    Hi there, I've had my SL55 since May 2019, and hadn't really stretched its legs until recently. So, it practically redlined through the gears, and was running great. Then all of a sudden it changes up a gear, then back down, and appeared to be down on power. At the same time I hear a...
  10. Dickster

    R230 Service manual on CD via ebay - how to install

    I bought 5 discs on ebay and the instructions for installation are horrendous - and I look after our IT at work!! Has anyone done the install? Can you help?? Thanks
  11. Dickster

    SL how to put bootlid in service mode

    I need to change the K57 relay. How do I move the bootlid out of the way into service mode? At the moment I can’t remove the panel to gain access to the relay. Thanks
  12. Dickster

    SL55 changing K57 relay - how do I get to it?

    Hi there, The K57 relay (one of two in the rhs of the boot area) needs changing. I went to have a look today and started removing trim panel fasteners etc, but the deeper I dug, the more it appeared needed to be removed. I gave up before I broke something and tried looking for tutorials. I...
  13. Dickster

    New to Mercedes and SL55

    Hi guys, This is my first post as a SL55 owner. Ive been watching SL55’s for a while now, following a ride in one, and finally took the plunge - I love it! Initially I was set on an Aston Martin v8 Vantage but now I’m not so sure! Mine is a 2003 five owner car with 65k miles. The colour...
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