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    2007 Mercedes CLK63 AMG Coupe

    Thought I would offer my car on the forum to see if a fellow enthusiast is interested before I try the usual sites. 2007 CLK63 AMG Coupe Approx 96/97k miles Obsidian black with black leather 2 keys HPI clear Full Mercedes and specialist service history The car was sold by a fellow forum member...
  2. SG1

    Petrol, 4 Door, Automatic car up to £3000 wanted.

    I'm looking for a car for my cousin. Her requirements are petrol, four doors, automatic, small engine (nothing larger than 2.0L). It doesn't have to be anything amazing, just something clean, reliable and in good condition. Budget is up to £3000. Just seeing if any forum members have...
  3. SG1

    W211 E Class Facelift N/S Rear Light

    Hi guys, As above, looking for a rear light for a W211 E Class. Must be a facelift and in good condition. Let me know what you have. Thanks in advance!
  4. SG1

    Small petrol manual car. (Corsa, Polo, Yaris etc).

    This will be a first car for a girl. The criteria is: Small hatchback Petrol engine (1.2, 1.4 etc) Manual gearbox 11 Reg or newer Maximum of £5k budget Good condition Sensible mileage Let me know if anyone has or is thinking of selling anything before I trawl through the usual sites! Thanks...
  5. SG1

    W124 Michelin tyres - which model and XL?

    Evening all, I need four new tyres on my car as the rears are just legal and all four have started cracking due to age. The car is a W124 Coupe E36 AMG. I'm going to go for Michelin's, either Primacy 3's or Pilot Sport 4's. Leaning towards the Pilot sport 4's but has anyone got any...
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    R107 500SL Lorinser Wheel Fitment

    Hi everyone, I have a 1987 500SL which has the standard 15" alloys fitted. The original sizes are 7JX15 ET25 with 205/65R15 tyres. I have a set of Lorinser LO alloys which I've wanted to fit for years. The rears are 9JX16 ET10 and fit perfectly. Problem is the front alloys which are 7JX16...
  7. SG1

    R107 SL - Will these alloys fit?

    Gents, I have recently bought a 1987 R107 500SL and I am looking to change the alloys from standard. The alloys in question are 8JX16 ET11 front and 9JX16 ET10 rear. (Standard alloys are 7JX15 ET25). I have seen these fitted to facelift cars before but some say they won't fit so I'm...
  8. SG1

    SLK32 AMG - ESP Light

    Evening guys, I've recently bought a SLK32 and the BAS/ESP light is permanently illuminated. I have tried the trick of turning the steering wheel lock to lock several times with no luck, any ideas before I take it to a specialist? :confused:
  9. SG1

    CLS55 AMG IWC Edition, tell me more!

    Evening everyone, Wondering if anyone has any knowledge on the CLS55 AMG IWC Edition? Apparently there were 55 sold worldwide. What are the main differences etc and what are they worth roughly? This is usually far too new for me but I do like the first shape CLS. Thanks in advance for...
  10. SG1

    W124 E200 M102 - Head Gasket?

    I'm no expert mechanically so seeking some further opinions. My M102 E200 has some cream in the coolant, you can just about see it on the top of the bottle itself. It has also consumed some oil, I should of checked how much as I topped it up today but it was certainly a noticeable amount on...
  11. SG1

    Good places in Germany to visit?

    Evening, In April every year we go to the Techno Classica Show in Essen, this year we drove (R129 SL600 and 996 Turbo). We attended the show for three days and from there went to Stuttgart and visited the Mercedes Classic Center, Mercedes Museum, Porsche Museum and an interesting one off...
  12. SG1

    Urgent - Aero 1 AMG Wheels Fitment for W126 SEC

    Evening everyone, Need a bit of advice/confirmation whether 17" AMG Aero 1 alloys will fit a 1990 W126 SEC, the specs are 8JX17H2 ET28. Firstly, before anyone says it, I know the correct offset should be 11 for a W126 but the wheels aren't for me and 15mm spacers would be used to...
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    R129 SL Roll Bar Problem!

    Evening everyone. Wondered if anyone has any experience with the following issue - the car is really starting to annoy me now! The car is a 1997 R129 SL. I think the battery went slightly flat as I hadn't started the car for a few weeks. (Still started but took a tad longer than usual)...
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    This wasn't meant to happen!

    A couple of days ago I went somewhere to collect something. I saw this 126 parked in the corner and asked if it was for sale and the reply was yes. I had a look at it and half an hour later agreed to buy it. It's had one owner since new until around two years ago and also has the original...
  15. SG1

    W124 Problems!

    Evening everyone, I'm after some advice about my W124. I went on a long run up to Birmingham area (120 miles or so) a couple of days ago. For two hours all was fine and the car was normal, for the last half an hour as I came off the motorway the car seemed to be missing and there was not as...
  16. SG1

    AMG Exhaust

    On the lookout for a W124 AMG exhaust or even some square AMG tailpipes. Send me a PM if you can help! :thumb:
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    Van Wanted

    Looking for a reasonably tidy van in good running order. If you have anything or know anyone with something please do let me know!
  18. SG1

    W124 AMG Exhaust

    As above, looking for an AMG exhaust for a W124. If anyone has one of knows of one please let me know! Thank you!
  19. SG1

    E250CDI Avantgarde

    As above, a family member is looking for a E250CDI saloon. The requirements are as follows; Must be 2011 or newer Avantgarde spec Black leather No more than 80k ish miles Preferably black, silver or white. Let me know if you have anything for sale or are considering! Thanks in...
  20. SG1

    EPC Access

    Hi all, Need a favour if anyone can help, could someone check whether the part B67580038 is still available if possible? Much appreciated for any help!
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