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  1. Ron

    Have MB owners gone raving mad ?

    Trawling through eBay as one does this cupholder like mine pictured below, is currently at £37. Correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't it only about £23 from the stealers ?:confused:
  2. Ron

    Help me please ! Whats goin' on ?

    As a youth I had an array of hot hatches in the early 80's. Never made any mods from the standard. Now I'm married, 2 kids, and have a Merc . Not only that, but it's a bloody Diesel estate. Why, Oh why do I feel it necessary to start 'modding' now, at my age !. I think I need therapy...
  3. Ron

    All those lovely chrome bits

    Having returned from the Northern GTG, can someone please remind me of the URL's of the places that do all those chrome accessories for my E Class...............Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!! :rock:
  4. Ron

    Do You believe in ghosts ?

    Click here and study this image of a typical room. Do not focus on anything in particular, but look around the room to see what's wrong ! :crazy:
  5. Ron

    How would you hide the wires ?

    I'm using a PDA for sat nav in my W210, but the wires are a bloody mess. To make you aware of this set up, theres a wire from the GPS, mounted in certre of dash abutting the windscreen, down to the ciggie ligher power point, then a power lead to my PDA which I have mounted on the right hand...
  6. Ron

    GTG Lists ?

    Apart from the obvious Summer GTG next week. Is there a list of forthcomming GTG's anywhere, area or model specific. Or, aren't there anymore ?
  7. Ron

    Urgent 'Warning light' help needed please !

    I'm currntly on my hols in the Lake District and a warning light has just come on in my '98 W210 3.0TD. It is the ASR warning light and "BAS" has come up on lhe dash. How serious is this? Can I get home? nothing seems wrong ! Is it a 'stealership' re-set ? Your expertise, as ever...
  8. Ron

    W210 estate I.C.E.

    Where is the best place to fit a CD changer unit in an E Class estate ? The only place that I can see would be behind the rear offside panel where the first aid kit is.
  9. Ron

    Wheres the best (Cheapest) place for AMG alloys

    As and when funds permit, I will be replacing the alloys on my E 300 TD elegance with AMG alloys ( or even replicas......Yuk !) Ideally I would like a 'wheel & Tyre deal', preferably from a company trading on the internet. As you all seem up to speed on things like this, I thought you guys...
  10. Ron

    TTE Distance Sensor

    Has anyone got one of these fitted ? I'm convinced mine isn't working properly and was wondering if it is the sensors in the bumper or, somthing more expensive. Anyone any knowledge ?
  11. Ron

    Simple question from a newbie

    I am now a proud owner of my first Mercedes-Benz........It is a 1998 E 300 Turbo Diesel Estate. My question is:- What "W" variant is it ?
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