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  1. SL300-24

    [SOLD] CLS 320CDI 2009 Face lift

    For sale here or PM me please, lovely car not being used
  2. SL300-24

    W124 Cabrio Can anyone get a part number from EPC for me please?

    My recent purchase E320 cabriolet rear window heater does not work, when you press the switch it lights up when held down, but goes out as soon as you release the switch. I think it might be the N10 convenience relay. I have tried another and it is the same. I am wondering if someone has changed...
  3. SL300-24

    Hard top stand or hoist wanted

    Suitable for R129 or R107 hardtop what have you?
  4. SL300-24

    CLS 320 CDI for sale

    My CLS is for sale see eBay advert here, if interested please say you are a member on here. Mercedes Benz CLS 320CDI Low Miles Stunning Condition | eBay
  5. SL300-24

    W211 reverse gear issue

    My 2007 S211 320CDI has a strange issue, I have changed the brake light switch but it's still there. When selecting reverse it will not go into gear if you have your foot on the brake. Take your foot off the brake and everything is normal. It has been like this for about a year now with no...
  6. SL300-24

    W211 Estate Roof Rails and Mercedes Roof Box for Sale

    Lockable roof bars and roof box good condition around £600 new complete with all keys,fittings and instructions. Collection from Basildon Essex due to size would like £250 please. Cannot upload photos but can email if interested.
  7. SL300-24

    S211 Roof box and roof rails for sale

    I have a genuine Mercedes roof box and lockable roof rails for a W211 Estate for sale. Good condition complete with keys etc. Genuine lockable roof bars too. Sorry but I don't want to split these. I am asking £300 collection from Basildon Essex, obviously a large item The box was £600 new...
  8. SL300-24

    Bought a nice CLS opinions please?

    I like it not the cheapest but good ones rarely are..... 2009 Mercedes Cls 320cdi - SOLD ~ SOLD | eBay
  9. SL300-24

    Can anyone do a data card check for me please?

    I am looking to buy a CLS and have seen one I like. I would like to know the full specification and cannot get this info from the EPC any more as it is no longer available. If anyone can do it for me I would appreciate it. I will PM the VIN number over. Many thanks
  10. SL300-24

    Would this Mercedes CLS have SBC Brakes?

    It is registered on 1st April 2006. I am thinking it would have..... 2006 Black MERCEDES-BENZ CLS 3.0 CLS320 CDI 7G-Tronic 4dr for sale for £4290 in Sandhurst, Berkshire
  11. SL300-24

    Nice CLS wanted

    I am considering a CLS if anyone is selling or sees anything interesting. I would prefer a 320 or 350 CDI facelift model 2007 onwards ideally grand Edition but will consider anything nice. Nice colour required but not brilliant silver please. Would consider a new shape 2011 onwards 350 or 250...
  12. SL300-24

    W211 7G Cannot get reverse or park

    I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. My W211 320CDI with the 7 speed autobox is playing up. It will not allow me to select reverse or park unless I take my foot off the brake pedal. I changed out the brake light switch and the problem remains. I am thinking inhibiter switch in...
  13. SL300-24

    W211 "Sport" 18" rear alloy wheel wanted

    One of my rear alloys has cracked near to where it was welded before and I don't think Lepsons are going to be able to repair it. Just wondered if anyone has an odd one lying around. It's for the estate version but I think a saloon wheel will be the same. Condition does not matter as long as...
  14. SL300-24

    My 230CE W124 for sale

    The advert is on car and classics website are welcome to PM me if interested or call thanks Super original Mercedes 230CE Coupe For Sale (1988) on Car And Classic UK [C854593]
  15. SL300-24

    New abolish Road Tax Petition
  16. SL300-24

    W211/ W219 Wood steering wheel for sale

    I have a very nice wood steering wheel for sale for a W211 or W219 CLS. It is black with the greenish wood that comes standard in the W211 "sport" or "avantgarde" spec. I bought it for mine but forgot mine has paddles :doh: so this wheel is for a car without them. Looking for £200 including...
  17. SL300-24

    MBClub Courier request

    Hi Guy’s I need to ask a favour if anyone can help. I have bought a wood steering wheel from eBay and paid for it. The thing is it is collection only from Nuneaton and I am in Basildon and need to get it here. I was wondering if anyone on the forum goes anywhere near Nuneaton and could pick...
  18. SL300-24

    Blaupunkt radio/cassette for W124 wanted

    Has anyone got a suitable original Blaupunkt radio/cassette in good working order for a 1988 W124 that they wish to sell please?
  19. SL300-24

    My W124 Coupe

    So on my way home from Ollies on Saturday we stopped off to view this and.... I have just bought this W124 Coupe’ advertised on eBay as my daily commuter for the winter. It is a very basic 230CE 1988 in Nautic Blue with Cream cloth trim. Electric windows and sunroof, alloys and that’s...
  20. SL300-24

    visse0 MB-4 wanted

    Before I rush out and buy a new one just wondered if anyone has one for sale on here please? Thanks
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