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  1. BIRMA

    20 inch Vossen wheels CL63 and 65 fitting

    Following the sale of my CL65 where the new buyer wanted the original wheels I have for sale a set of Vossen VPS 305 wheels. They were only on the vehicle for 3 months and cost in excess of £7000 I am asking £4500 they have had a Nano coating apllied and in perfect condition.
  2. BIRMA

    My Lexus RCF

    I've spent a very pleasant afternoon wasting loads of V-Power. Great car a bit more work to do than the CL but it loves the paddles being used and with 8 speed in the autobox a pleasure to go up and down the ratios. The active suspension works very well and I'm pleased i went for a later model...
  3. BIRMA

    CL63/65 front discs

    I have a set of genuine front discs (no pads) for sale and a set of Vossen alloys for sale if interested let me know for prices.
  4. BIRMA

    Anyone fancy a CL65? Mine.

    A friend of mine has contacted me about an Alfa Romeo Montreal that may be coming up for sale soon. I've always wanted one, problem is the car for sale is very expensive and I'd have to sell the CL65 to go towards the cost of the Alfa. I haven't put this in the for sale section as I'm still...
  5. BIRMA

    Road Angel Pure, a camera/van detector

    I've just bought myself one of the new camera detectors from Road Angel. I know most people use the relatively cheap Waze and other apps that operate on their phones but I've tried them and just can't get on with them. Just a bit of history I have used Road Angel products for far longer than I...
  6. BIRMA

    Renntech lowering module fitted

    I've had the Renntech lowering module fitted by PCS and I'm pleased with the results. The photos of it set in standard mode this lowers it a bit to give a better stance. It still lowers itself at a certain speed and in Sport mode I'm sure it feels a bit tighter, although that could just be me...
  7. BIRMA

    235/50/18 Michelin Alpin 4 winter tyres

    I have four virtually unused winter tyres that I had for my Phaeton so a 101 weight rating. I paid well over £150 each for them so think that at £400 for the four they are a bargain.
  8. BIRMA

    Not quite the vehicle the W12 Audi was but...

    As I may have mentioned in my post about the deal for the Audi A8 falling through due to my Phaeton failing big time. I had convinced myself that I didn't need another vehicle as I decided to either fly or use the CL65 for longer trips and get a few more miles on the CL. This lasted about a week...
  9. BIRMA

    New wheels on the CL65

    My Vossen wheels eventually turned up and today had them fitted just in time for the Cosford Coupe gathering.
  10. BIRMA

    Cl went into Brooklands today for a service and guess what

    My car was parked near this behemoth, I've taken loads of photo's, very nice inside with quilted dark red leather. It's right hand drive and is totally, totally outrageous in every respect, I'd love one which is most unusual for me to like this sort of thing.
  11. BIRMA

    Cosford Coupe gathering

    I'd just like to contact anyone going to this event to mention we plan to have a look around the Museum on the Saturday. I guess if we plan a leisurely drive up we should be at the Museum early afternoon. If anyone fancies meeting up before the Sunday event to perhaps have a meal Saturday night...
  12. BIRMA

    Got a genuine bargain on e-bay CL65 discs

    Browsing through e-bay Friday I came across these, by all accounts the seller diamond autos bought them in for a customer who they refer to as tw*t and he didn't turn up. They were asking for £850 so I bid £700 and in the end I got them for £750 the guy said for cash he would deliver them from...
  13. BIRMA

    Anyone watching the 24 hours LeMans

    I've been enjoying the Eurosport coverage of the race over the week-end. I have to admit these days I prefer to watch these events rather than all the bother of going, OK you miss the sounds and all the back of the pits show areas and the miles and miles of walking around.
  14. BIRMA

    Does anyone have an old CL 63/65 216 series front disc.

    I have contacted Tarox who were the company who made the very high quality bespoke discs for my Phaeton that lasted forever. They do not at this moment in time have it in their range but would require an old one. If anyone has an old one for me to send to them let me know.
  15. BIRMA

    Going to look at an Audi A8 W12

    In my pursuit of ridiculously large engined cars I'm checking out a W12 Audi A8 today. I've been after an S8 but I'm having difficulty finding one with every option I want. This one has the night vision, head up display and cooled seats, ioniser, and just about everything else.
  16. BIRMA

    First year of V12 AMG ownership (Don't panic Mr Mainwaring)

    First of all this is a departure from the norm for me as by now I have sold my current car and probably be extoling the virtues of my Porsche 911 Turbo S on a different forum, having driven one it is still on my list. Before buying the car I did a fair bit of research on the V12 engined cars...
  17. BIRMA

    Are these wheels too bling?

    I've been having a look at aftermarket wheels for my CL, I'm going for forged as they are a bit stronger and probably recommended for my car. Some are ridiculously expensive but I'm undecided about these. 1 they are too big I'll keep to 20 inch wheels for the sake of a decent ride. 2 I think...
  18. BIRMA

    Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup 5-6th May

    It's the day after the Benz on the Green event. We went to this last year on the Sunday which is the race day. It's a really good race event with AMG's against Lambo's etc. We parked infield last year with really good views of the racing from our parked car plus a very kind young lady provided...
  19. BIRMA

    V12 Tuning options

    I coming up for a year of ownership now and normally at this point I have generally sold my current car due to short attention/like span. But I really like my CL65 and I like to power delivery too but it makes me wonder what tuning options there are within the realms of being a bit sensible. I...
  20. BIRMA

    AMG to phase out the V12

    Have to confess I read this on the other MB forum. Shouldn't really come as a surprise I guess. Nowadays with the hot V V8 being so good. I guess the days of being able to own a reasonably priced V12 will come to an end and only expensive esoteric cars will have V12's.
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