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  1. Vintage Racer

    Bluebird K7 running again............

    I'm sure that not everyone will agree, but how fantastic to see Bluebird K7 running again this week. Well done the 'Isle of Bute' for letting it happen and shame on Coniston Water for NOT letting it happen! Lots of images and videos on here for anyone interested: DONALD CAMPBELL BLUEBIRD AND...
  2. Vintage Racer

    RIP - Dan Gurney

    Another legend lost: Tribute to Dan Gurney, 1931-2018
  3. Vintage Racer

    Happy New Year!!

    maxresdefault by Glynn Hobbs, on Flickr
  4. Vintage Racer

    RIP Bette Hill

    Sad news that Bette Hill has died.....what a lovely lady.
  5. Vintage Racer

    What do we think of Christmas decorations?

    I'm with they guy on the right! 15327368_10205765045484351_7567176929125380289_n by Glynn Hobbs, on Flickr
  6. Vintage Racer

    Angouleme 'Circuit des Remparts'...........Live Stream available

    Not great quality, but here it is: Suivez les essais et les courses du Circuit des Remparts en direct vidéo [+reportages]
  7. Vintage Racer

    Goodwood Revival - Live Stream - NOW!

    ENJOY!!! .
  8. Vintage Racer

    R129 Headlight Unit Change.....Help!

    Disclaimer: I am not technical. :confused: Changing the headlights on my R129 to LHD and have managed to almost remove the first unit....... I have undone all of the connections apart the the 'vacuum' connector, which appears to twist and release, but does not pull out (do I just need to...
  9. Vintage Racer

    New 'AA' Class 'Electric' Mercedes!! - :D
  10. Vintage Racer

    Goodwood Members Meeting - Live Stream....NOW! Full day's live coverage from Goodwood Members Meeting 2017 :bannana:
  11. Vintage Racer

    R129. - How easy to change complete headlight units

    Need to change the headlights (standard lights) over to LHD on my 2001 SL320. The dealer wants £1000.00 (1200.00 euros) to supply & fit. I can pick up a pair of new 'aftermarket' light units for around 450.00 euros. So question easy is it to change the units myself...
  12. Vintage Racer

    F1 testing now:

    Up to date live reports from the first day of testing here: or Enjoy............:bannana:
  13. Vintage Racer

    R129 Hardtop Hoist - Anybody used/using one?

    Looking for a Hardtop hoist for my R129 (Pano Roof). Anyone used one of these, or have any other suggestions: Mercedes-Benz SL Removable Hardtop Storage Hoist | The SL Shop I have plenty of headroom in the garage, but not much space for a Hardtop Stand! Cheers Glynn
  14. Vintage Racer

    Anyone got a Classic Car - Mercedes or other Marques

    As well as the SL320 (R129), I also have a 1959 Triumph TR3a.........what do you have? [/URL][/IMG]
  15. Vintage Racer

    Just bought a 2001 SL320 (R129)

    Been wanting a SL Mercedes for a long time and finally found the right car last week. Just wondering if there are any other members in the North Dordogne region of France?
  16. Vintage Racer

    Anyone using 'gojacks' or wheel skates in their garage

    I have a 3 car garage, but only one central entrance. Having just bought my R129, SL320, I need to be able to move the car across the garage floor. Has anyone used anything like these: Sealey Car Wheel Skate Dolly Jack go 570kg WS570 | eBay Seems like the only 'easy' way to move the car...
  17. Vintage Racer

    Dull paint on a R129 - 744 Brilliant Silver

    Hi Guy's, Just been to view a SL320 (R129) in Brilliant Silver, but the paintwork looks a bit dull. I'm new to all this, but is their a way to restore its shine? Would a simple t-cut bring it back, or as it's metallic do I need to look at other options. Any help/advise would be much...
  18. Vintage Racer

    Need someone to check out a R129 near Sutton, Surrey

    I have found a R129, SL320 in Sutton, Surrey that i'm interested in . Can anyone recommend a good specialist in that area who I could pay to take a look at it for me? Cheers Glynn
  19. Vintage Racer

    SL320 or SL500 Wanted - R129

    I'm looking for a '98 onwards' 320SL or 500SL Must be pristine, low miles, Panorama Roof and service history. Cash waiting for the right car.
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