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  1. MKopec88

    Check Brake Pad Wear Warning

    Hi guys I have a quick q in regards to the brake pad message. Would it be better going to a main dealership for this? There's an MB Indy literally a 10 second drive away from it down here in Cornwall if that would be preferred for them to deal with it? Any advice? I have a 2015 merc c class...
  2. MKopec88

    2016 C Class easy exit

    Hi guys. I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. My exit has stopped moving my seat back all of a sudden. No matter how far forward it is. Now when I turn off the car the steering wheel goes up but the drivers seat remains where it is. Its randomly started doing it a few days ago...
  3. MKopec88

    Windshield washer dribble?

    Hi guys. I feel stupid but can't figure this out. I added some windshield washer fluid to my w205 c class. Comes out fine from the back but the front, it just dribbles out. I put in very little liquid into the windshield washer compartment and it got to the top very quickly. Any idea what's...
  4. MKopec88

    Squeeky Clean

    Not a bad job with the help of my 5 year old 👍😍
  5. MKopec88

    Rk Engineering Cornwall

    Has anyone used RK Engineering in Cornwall for their car? A friend suggested them for my merc after I mentioned hearing horror stories using celtic tuning. RK very reputable apparently and have the rolling road, etc. Looks like they do much more than just tuning but looking to see if anyone...
  6. MKopec88

    Tint this?

    Guys I keep second guessing myself if I should tint my 2015 c class or leave as is. Just factory tint around which doesn't really look tinted tbf lol I have a job ordered for end of this month to get the luna tint on my rear windows but can still cancel for a full refund. Would it look weird...
  7. MKopec88

    Axillary Battery Malfunction

    My Mercedes c class just had that wording pop up with red beeping flashes which turned to a white colour with no beeps. Any idea if it's safe to drive with this or does it need to be looked at asap
  8. MKopec88

    Sunroof 2015 c class

    Hi hi Stupid q. Is the sunroof not meant to open up all the way to the bit separating the rear panoramic bit? If so I'll have the dealership take a look at this.
  9. MKopec88

    Wash n Wax Vs Shampoo

    Evening all So I'm new to owning a nice car and for this reason I thought I should learn to do some cleaning myself. Atm this is what I have: Angelwax Vision glass cleaner Angelwax H2GO rain repellent Dr Leather leather cleaner KKD Revolve X ceramic wheel coating Auto Glymm Polar Blast...
  10. MKopec88

    Live Traffic Info App Worth It?

    Hi all Any experience with this? Is it worth it? I'm trying to avoid putting a phone holder on the dash or window to keep the interior clean and clear. I love my Google maps and it's navigation but might try this if it's any good? Some of my work locations are quite a way away so there are...
  11. MKopec88

    Got a the merc!

    Finally picked up the Mercedes and I love it! Can't believe how amazing it feels driving thing thing. 2015 Mercedes C Class 220d estate premium plus. Silly forum won't let me post pics though as the 4MB image is too big of a file lol
  12. MKopec88

    License Registration not found

    I'm meant to be picking up a 2015 Mercedes c class tomorrow but the reg still isn't on the dvla system. The place I'm meant to buy the car from says the car had a personalised reg which the owner took when selling the car to them and that this new plate will be the one for the car. How am I...
  13. MKopec88

    2015 C Class burmester

    Hi everyone Sorry for any potential double post BUT I can't, for the life of me, find an equaliser setting suggestion. I've spent so much time looking in here and on Google but all I can see is replacement speaker suggestions and how the upgraded burmester system isn't quality for what you pay...
  14. MKopec88

    Software update meaning?

    Hi guys Sorry for the stupid post BUT I'm super excited for picking up my first merc in 2 days and I don't care if I get bashed for this 😂 My car will be coming back from merc with some new tyres and the latest software update. The shop is closed now so can't ask anyone what it means and I...
  15. MKopec88

    New Merc Owner - Service Plan?

    Morning all Its confirmed my 2015 c class c220d estate premium plus will be ready to drive off the lot by Wednesday so I'll be collecting it then or Thursday. I'm aware mercs aren't the cheapest for parts. I live in Cornwall but posted here as I'm willing to travel out if necessary for the...
  16. MKopec88

    Dash cams

    Any recommendations for dashcams? My merc estate won't have the 360 cam. My previous car got dinged in a car park a few days after I bought it. No cameras around and no dash cam so the person took off. I'd like something that can record front and back but also has the shock sensor so will...
  17. MKopec88

    Remap 2015 Mercedes C Class Estate C220D-Cornwall

    Hey guys. I'm getting my first Mercedes this coming week and wondering if its worth having a remap. I'd hate to mess up my engine on the nicest car I've owned to date. Any recommendations for a reputable shop in Cornwall?
  18. MKopec88


    Hey all Soon to be a first time Mercedes owner and. Very excited. Coming from a chrysler 300c, I enjoy my bigger vehicles but this should be a whole new experience. 2015 Mercedes C Class Estate Premium Plus, being picked up next week.
  19. MKopec88

    2015 C Class Audio Upgrade

    Hi all. New member here as I'm picking up my first Mercedes next week. 2015 Mercedes C Class Estate Premium Plus. It comes with the panoramic roof, beige interior, and the 9 speakers inside. I've read quite a bit about the Bass and how it isn't very punchy which is unfortunate. From personal...
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