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  1. L80OUS

    18" AMG Night Edition Alloys with tyres

    18" AMG Alloys straight off my night edition E220CDI, these alloys are 99% MINT CONDITION, with only a small water mark to one alloys (see last photo), no scratch's no pitting no kerbing. Really nice machine polish and gloss black finish. Tyres not even half worn, I would say 25% through their...
  2. L80OUS

    Will these Alloys fit

    My current wheels are 18" AMG with the below specs I believe Front Wheels: 8.5Jx18 ET48 (p/n A2124010300647X21 - AMGA21240103007X21) Rear Wheels: 9Jx18 ET54 (p/n A2124010400647X21 - AMGA21240104007X21) The wheels I want are: Wheel Specification: Pcd - 5x112 Width - 8.5J Front / 9.5J Rear...
  3. L80OUS

    H&R vs Eibach Pro Kit lowering

    I love the ride of my E220 and want to change it as little as possible, however I think she sits a bit to high on the standard AMG 18s", which I also love and don't want to change. So which lowering kit is recommended with the above in mind? Cheers
  4. L80OUS

    W212 Spacers on 18" AMG with 677 Avantgarde Suspension

    I know this has been done to death but I'm hoping to get some pics of 18" wheels on 677 suspension, thinking of going 10 fronts and 12 rears with H&R's not sure if the wheels are to small for spacing though. Thanks
  5. L80OUS

    Illuminated Star, yay or nay

    I've not been a Merc member for long and seen these, not sure if it's cool or taboo? What do you pro's think? Lets see yours if you have them.
  6. L80OUS

    What colour calipers for a white Eclass

    My calipers need a refresh starting to show a little heat rust. I'm thinking of going Yellow which tends to look good on White cars but don't want it over the top, so maybe gloss Black? Or boring Red? What would you guys do? The car....
  7. L80OUS

    E220 W212 weak centre air vents

    Hi all, I've noticed the air/fan doesn't blow out my centre vents as much as it does the side vents, I would say less than half the speed. It does increase slightly with the fan speed going up or down. Is this a normal thing is has something stopped working? Thanks
  8. L80OUS

    E220 W212 Real MPG

    What can I expect to see mpg wise out out my new car, the stats on auto trader look crazy good - 49 round town 60 average 70 on a run. I find them hard to believe. A run at 75mph saw me averaging 56mpg over 25 miles. What you guys getting or heard the car actually does?
  9. L80OUS

    Why do I have this icon

    I dont believe my car has distronic but I see this icon (two cars and !) pop up for 3 seconds every time I start my car, why?
  10. L80OUS

    1st Merc after 14 years of Jags

    Picked up my new car yesterday after a long ownership with Jaguar. I had every XJR from the X300 and finished on a 2012 XFR I got tired of the £50 a month tax after 2.5 years and decided to move it on at 112k miles. I'm now the owner of the below 39k example with Full MBSH and it's in lovely...
  11. L80OUS

    GardX 2019

    I purchased my E220 today and have spotted in the history Mercedes applied a two stage GardX product to the body and wheels in June 2019 costing the previous owner £1463. Is this a Cermanic coating and is it any good? How long is it meant to last? The feel of the paint after a snowfoam and...
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