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  1. AngryDog

    W211 E55 brake calipers

    Does anyone have any pictures of the mounting points on the front calipers from the E55 AMG? Also, are the calipers any different to the w211 E63 calipers? Thanks.
  2. AngryDog

    JayEmm 190E Evo Power pack review

    Lovely old machine. The sound, the look.. Would love one!
  3. AngryDog

    W213 E63?

    Hey guys, As some of you may remember, I used to own a W211 E55. I sold this to buy an E60 M5 which is stills great car, but my head is being turned by the E63 BiTurbo. It is a car that is on my short list for next year. 1. E63. 2. F10 M5. 3. Keep my M5. I don't know a great deal about...
  4. AngryDog

    The E55 sold, the M5 is bought

    Just signing off I guess, sold the E55 last month, bought an M5 at the weekend. The E55 was faster in a straight line, but the M5 has it in the corners. I prefer the SMG to the Auto box and I also prefer the sound from the V10 to the supercharged V8. Considering the M5 is only 2 years younger...
  5. AngryDog

    W211 E55 AMG

    It is time to sell my E55 AMG. It has been a good car and has needed very little spending on it since I bought it in July last year. The only reason for selling is that I want to get back to something with a manual gearbox, which will likely be an E39 M5 (3rd one!). When I bought the car it...
  6. AngryDog

    Anyone having fun with Meltdown? Causing me a few headaches....
  7. AngryDog

    W211 gear selector light

    Is there supposed to be any illumination on the auto gear selector on my E55? Nothing lights up to tell whether I am in drive etc. I know that it tells me on the dash next to the mileometer.
  8. AngryDog

    Wheres the whine?

    Just refitted my fabtech style kit on my E55. The supercharger used to whine lots before I took it off but now it is hardly whining at all. I have fitted it how it was before so I am confused. Any ideas?
  9. AngryDog

    Command Bluetooth?

    I have just found out that my car seems to have Bluetooth as part of command. I have tried to pair my HTC 10 to it but my phone says that it cannot connect. Has anyone else come across this?
  10. AngryDog

    Viseeo mb4

    4 months old, excellent condition, in original box. £140 posted.
  11. AngryDog

    W211 / E55 parts

    1. AMG Door Pins - £30 posted. 2. 1 pair of black number plate holders - £8 posted 3. Selection of badges - £offers 4. Lowering links for W211 with Airmatic - £65 posted 5. Rear difusser for E55. This is fibreglass item and needs painting. It will need bonding to the car. It has...
  12. AngryDog

    EBC RedStuff front and rear pads for W211 E55

    As I am unsure what to do with the car at the moment and that I am unlikely to make it any quicker, I am going to sell the new pads I bought for it. I am just looking to get back what they owe me, which is £150. They're still new in the box, can get a pic later if needs be.
  13. AngryDog

    Worth the risk?

    My car has 137k miles, uses no oil, seems in rude health. Acid @ MSL advised that I leave the car alone. It is pushing 522bhp but as is always the case I have gotten used to it and I'd like it to be quicker, otherwise I will buy something quicker. At this mileage, would you risk tuning it...
  14. AngryDog


    Seeing as how the ECU pulls timing at 35 degrees and above on the E55k, how many really pull full power for more than a few seconds? Even stock cars will pull timing. Seems a little pointless to me?
  15. AngryDog

    Boot bag hook

    Has anyone retrofitted one of these to a preface lift w211? Considering the mod myself at the moment.
  16. AngryDog

    Turbo or supercharger?

    What's your preference? I've always preferred turbocharged cars, having had several. I quite like the laggy delivery and building up boost. That said, a supercharged V8 is very addictive. What say you?
  17. AngryDog

    Essential options

    When you bought your car were there any options that were desirable to you and helped make you choose the car? For me it was the split / fold rear seats. I would have liked keyless go, power close boot, distronic, heated rear seats and air cooled seats but the one thing I really wanted was the...
  18. AngryDog

    W211 E55 auto gear box

    There is a leak from the gearbox on my car. I plan on getting a new gearbox sump gasket. I am aware that there is also a connector above the gearbox that can also leak, is that right? Am I best replacing the connector / seals there as well? Thanks.
  19. AngryDog

    W211 accelerator pedal rubber

    How do I remove this? I want to fit the sport pedal cover but cannot see how to get the bottom of the pedal off. Thanks.
  20. AngryDog

    W211 Rear view mirror bulbs

    How do you get the bulbs out? I've even had the mirror apart and still can't get them out. Thanks
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