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    Trip to France, inc. track day

    Im not saying it would be the best car at La Genetouze, but it would be in the top 1!
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    Considering a Porsche....

    Try looking on Its easy to access and very informative a 997gen II is worth considering...but im biased
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    W204 C350 Coupe

    The 306 bhp petrol engine is pretty lively in the E350 estate Im not sure if i would notice an extra 25 bhp perhaps because of the way i drive it( steadily) But if driven with spirit the C350 remapped could be interesting
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    Defined benefit pension

    Looking forward to seeing the lambo!
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for being over here at this time
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    Speeding on M4 - Caught by Police Helicopter

    Should have gone on a trackday at Goodwood You can do 140 mph plus down the Lavant straight just need to watch out for the planes coming into land and the odd helicopter
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    Average mpg

    Mercedes E350 petrol estate 2012 averages 31.5 mpg over last 5000 miles of mixed driving Best 38 mpg , worst 22 mpg Mercedes 190E petrol 1993 averages 27-28 mpg just been serviced so it might improve a little
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    Is it me?

    This can also occur with students My son occasionally keeps me waiting when i collect him at an antisocial hour Part of the delay is all this trendy cheek kissing when anyone leaves every person in the building has to be kissed goodbye
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned so you can spend more time with your W124s
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for pointing
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    For the Love of Cars

    The programme was a bit lightweight But great to see the Escort Mexico in all its glory once again It was way beyond me in its day, but i did learn to drive in an Escort 1600 sport
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    C63 - Hidden Secret's

    Try it in 5th?
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    C63 - Hidden Secret's

    If you select Manual Mode on the gearbox and do not go beyond 6th gear the limiter will not cut in , hence on a private test track the maximum speed is approachable/ achieveable A friend drove mine and advised that he achieved 170-175 mph and the car was still accelerating Not bad for a...
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    C63 - worth having before V8s are outlawed by the nanny state?

    Definitely! Its never too late for a V8
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    Rivervale MB Servicing, Brighton. Any good?

    They supplied my 190E On September 10th 1993 things have probably changed a little since then
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    Specialist in west Yorkshire atf change

    +1 Delaceys in Brighouse
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    C63 Insurance

    I used mercedes It was less than £500 But my wife and I are 100 years old
  18. 190E


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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Moved them both off the drive to avoid a cement mixer covering them in small beige spots
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    What are your top 3 favourite MB gizmos?

    The sat nav map display its better than most other manufacturers imo on newer mercs The third small sun visor on a W124 The aluminium petrol cap on a W201
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