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    metal tyre valve caps....

    Happened on the wifes BMW. If you don't fancy the angle grinder, i just used a hacksaw blade carefully in line with the valve and sliced down the cap. Won't be using them again though!
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    Anyone know of this C43 AMG?

    You could probably spend £15k on it and still not get £15k
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    Anyone know of this C43 AMG?

    Are good ones of these really selling for £15k now? Are there any examples of this? I seem to remember someone selling an absolutely mint car a year or so ago for around £12k and couldn't get any interest at all.
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    Ultimate theft protection - Autowatch Ghost

    Isn't this just like what my mum's old W reg Citroen Saxo had about 17 years ago? That had a little keypad where you had to input a PIN to disable the immobiliser. Glad to see we have come a long way in car security. Incidentally i always thought that was a good idea at the time. Never...
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    Hitting a bump really hard (one off)

    As others have said, unless there is damage to the tyre, you will probably be okay. Especially if the impact was square on, both wheels at the same time. When you go around Millbrook proving ground and you see the 'kerbs' area where they test cars by, well, literally driving them into pretty...
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    Karcher or Nilfisk

    Another vote here for Nilfisk. I used their outlet website for refurbished stock. Got a cracking machine for a very good price. Still includes 6 months warranty from the manufacturer too, although I'll be amazed if you need it. They don't always have stock (didn't when i went to it) but you put...
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    Sold ML to we buy anycar

    This! They will look round the whole car and point out everything to you, so you may as well include it on the original quote to get a true view. I got a great price selling a 2 year old Subaru WRX STI and it was really hassle free. But i would argue this was because there were few on the...
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    Sold ML to we buy anycar

    Yes they are. Cars are shipped straight off there.
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    Front tyres worn on inside.

    May be as simple as the tyres slightly toed out and just need a small alignment adjustment. My 350z was terrible for this as over time it would go from toe in to toe out on it's own. Just used to get it adjusted by an alignment check. It is always interesting to visit somewhere like WIM to know...
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    New Toy

    I have the logitech GT wheel for my PS3 and it is the best thing i ever bought for it. That with Gran Turismo 6 (which should be compatible on the PS4) is pretty realistic. You wait till you are at a mates and you try a driving game without the wheel and pedals now. It's horrible!! You don't...
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    Snow question

    Mid Engined sports car on winter tyres. My friend has a 911 on winter tyres and on snow it is like driving in rain. Amazing!! There is quite a good video Auto Express did of driving different (2wd and 4wd) versions of the same car up a ski slope on winter and summer tyres. Bit of an eye opener...
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    Clk63 black series replica

    Totally agree. Something is only worth what someone will pay for it!! You get the feeling 'someone' paid a lot for it and isn't getting their return on investment!
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    Mercedes A45 AMG vs Honda Civic Type R Drag Race

    Exactly, there is no skill in getting an auto with 4wd and LC off the line. My mum could do it.
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    C63 Owners - What will you have next?

    Having been a massive sceptic of these I was intrigued when a friend borrowed one from BMW for a few days a couple of weeks ago. I have to say.....WOW. What a car. Very expensive but he ragged this car around for 3 days and it returned 35mpg!! More than fast enough for ANY road and a proper...
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    Strange Tyre Prices

    Yep, basically dependent on what selection and competition there is out there. On the wifes old Mazda 3 MPS it took a really odd tyre size, something like 215/45/18 but on a Y rating. Literally there were 2 or 3 correct options and consequently were really expensive. Everyone fit 225/45/18...
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    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix -- SPOILER ALERT!!!!

    Mercedes were already guaranteed the constructors championship for the team. Mercedes were already guaranteed a 1-2 in the drivers championship. Hamilton had one way of winning the title, he tried to do it and it didn't work. Nico drove well to do enough to keep Vettel behind him in the...
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    On new bathroom towels !!

    Just laughed out loud ina quiet office! Had to explain im reading something about towels!!!! Bruce, love the post and agree with every word!!
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    Courtesy Cars Are Good For You

    Agree with this as it is great being reminded that what seems ordinary to you is actually a great car. A clever dealer will look at what you have and try to get you into something to tempt you up the range. Difficult, however, if you turn up in an E63 :thumb: You do have to remember the...
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    Pet hates

    This! My blood boils!! Although I calm down slightly when I move said cat deposits to the owners front garden!
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    Mount Fuji .....

    I hate to confess but i'm also pretty distracted by the parking bays..... ......and that rather nice late 90's white impreza parked there. Dying to know if it is one of the trick Japanese WRX specials they annoyingly kept to themselves. Love them!!
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