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    '98 W202 C250 TD OM 605 fuel leak.

    Sorry to drag an old post up. This sounds very similar fault o mine, how much did it cost for the parts from merc?
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    Mercedes 202 c200 2000 year breaking

    Heater control Hi has it got the digital heater controls? Looking for one as per image as attached
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    The latest new guy

    Cheers, paid less than I thought I'd have too and needed to replace my e46 compact that died on NYE leaving me and the Mrs stranded for 5 hours in the freezing cold in the middle of nowhere, was looking for a bm estate nut this came up at a tidy price, love the torque from the 2.5! And yes all...
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    The latest new guy

    Hi all, im martyn from gloucestershire, just picked up this bad boy, c250td sport auto, fsh, couple of little marks on it here and there but not bad for its age, on 137k and pulls nice!:thumb:
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