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  1. w123ce280

    W123 280 EGR Valve

    I have a blown bellow's piece on my Exhaust Gas Recirculation diaphrapm, due to a failed bolt. It is currently holding on by the remaining bolt. I believe it can be blanked off with little difference to engine performance, more for improved emissions. I would however like to replace it if...
  2. w123ce280

    Aston Martin V12 Vantage

    Incredible shots, you could have been a professional photographer. Great work
  3. w123ce280

    Sussex w123 280ce

    W123 Pictures Lads, A few shots of my 1985 CE280, I believe its Diamond Blue also colour code 355. Brendan
  4. w123ce280

    W126 sunroof

    Derek Thank you for going to so much detail in your reply, there are a couple of cars up the country that I believe still have most of their parts. The chap I bought the car from has at least three that I could see. Failing that I am in the Marine Engineering business myself so I could make a...
  5. w123ce280

    W126 sunroof

    Hi Derek, Did you get a chance to replace the cable, where would you recommend a source? My CE 280 cable broke and will require a replacement. Kind Regards Brendan
  6. w123ce280


    Nice CLK by the way!
  7. w123ce280


    Would'nt you know it was minded in the UK until 1994! Thanks for the post
  8. w123ce280


    Hi All, I recently bought 1985 W123 CE 280 spent quite a bit of time working on it, it sailed through the car test NCT in Ireland. Great feeling, the testers were delighted to see a 26 year old car with better emissions then most new cars! A testament to MB. Looking forward to getting to know...
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