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  1. alexis.jones

    *** Santa Pod 16/06 ***

    Yeh i might pop down mate
  2. alexis.jones

    TRAX 2012 Silverstone Sunday 2nd Sept

    1. Alps - E55K (x1) 2. Baldguy - 911(x2) 3. Dr-Nab - E350 D6(x1) 4. Savman - E55K Wagon(x1) 5. Unit504 - C55(x1) 6. Dev215 (John) E320 D6 (x1) 7. Brabus K8 - taxi!(x?) 8. Justin1600 - C43 (x1) 9. TDE1 - E55K (x1) 10. Lopes - E55K (x2) 11. Ricky_S - E55K (tentative) 12. Donshl - CLS55K 13...
  3. alexis.jones

    Not Happy

    Wow ok, in the two months the service had been done the car has moved about 100 miles and has no leak. It is my fault for not checking the fluids i agree but i placed my trust with mercedes service department.
  4. alexis.jones

    Not Happy

    I had my car serviced at MB in Northampton 2 months ago and while i was driving today i noticed lots of whining so automaticaly remembered reading on here about the power steering fluid. So i stopped and checked, it was completely empty :eek:. Surely they should of checked that and topped it up...
  5. alexis.jones

    Santa Pod Raceway - 14th April

    Anyone else???????????????
  6. alexis.jones

    Santa Pod Raceway - Drag Strip - 11 March 2012

    benzedup - C55AMG Alexis.jones - C320CDI
  7. alexis.jones

    Santa Pod Raceway - Drag Strip - 11 March 2012

    I am up for the 14th
  8. alexis.jones

    Would you believe it?

    I am sorry there must be a mistake as i have received the same email ;)
  9. alexis.jones

    Santa Pod Raceway - Drag Strip - 11 March 2012

    Lets get a group of us go down, and a few diesels as i dont wanna be the only one lol
  10. alexis.jones

    Hello from Northampton

    Hello and welcome fellow northamptonian :)
  11. alexis.jones

    Santa Pod Raceway - Drag Strip - 11 March 2012

    Might pop over as its literally round the corner
  12. alexis.jones

    Acceleration 'lag/ delay'.

    I have a sprint booster fitted to my C320 CDI and it made a big difference
  13. alexis.jones

    w204 new tyres

    I have just had the pirelli pzero fited and all good so far
  14. alexis.jones

    C63 possibly for sale

    I have a white C320 CDI sport if you wanna swap lol
  15. alexis.jones

    What engine do you have? :)

    1. bpsorrel: V6 320 CDI 2. Sweetpea: V6 320 CDi 3. Harythedog: IL6 320 CDI 4. Colin b: 320cdi & 350 petrol 5. Family Pack: V6 350 CDI 6. Alexis.jones: V6 320 CDI (re-maped)
  16. alexis.jones


    Will investigate further then :(
  17. alexis.jones


    Now and again when i put my foot down the car (C320 cdi 2008) seems to hesitate from 85-95mph (private road of course). Seems to loose power then find it the loose it then find it. Any ideas what this could be, the ecu has been remaped too.
  18. alexis.jones

    I've got the POWER! C350CDI

    I had my c320 cdi (2008) done at Viezu and you can see in the picture what it all got pushed to
  19. alexis.jones

    group buy re map's

    Viezu is the way forward
  20. alexis.jones

    Cheap Tyres v. Expensive Tyres

    I have the Standard Contis on my C320 cdi and honestly think they are terrible. The back end never stops stepping out and the traction light is always bloody on lol
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