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  1. scgfull

    CLK A209 Convertible - Roof mechanism

    Having recently looked at mine, I can tell you that the microswitch is on the left hand side when standing at the boot looking in. there is a catch and if you feel inside it you can feel the switch. So it sounds like the plastic pin at the side of the cover is not engaging properly. Mine is...
  2. scgfull

    Wrapping the wood trim.

    It take all sorts I suppose, when I was looking for a CLK Iwas specifically looking for wood trim as I don't like the alternatives, however I could not find one so have the aluminium trim in mine but would love the wood!
  3. scgfull

    CLK Fuses spreadsheet upload

    I shall try Bob6600'smethod as it has 3 worksheets so not easy to screen shot.
  4. scgfull

    CLK Fuses spreadsheet upload

    Hi all, I have created a spreadsheet for my CLK (55 plate) based on the fuse leaflet in the car. Thought it might be useful for others to share. How do I upload a spreadsheet? Steve
  5. scgfull

    I found the glove box fix! CLK W209 / Any CLK

    Not time yet - but I can see the need for this fix in the future - many thanks. Steve
  6. scgfull

    Letter from L&V.

    In the defence of the "injured" party, I was bumped in the rear when stopped at a roundabout, this was a very minor slight bump. On intial inspection all appeared OK but later when I opened the tailgate I could then clearly see a crack and distortion in the bumper that was hidden from view by...
  7. scgfull

    CLK 209 wiring Diagram Help Please

    Many Thanks Codger. Greatly appreciate your offer PM sent. Steve
  8. scgfull

    CLK 209 wiring Diagram Help Please

    Can anyone on here let me have a copy of a wiring diagram for a drivers side door mirror, with power fold, for a 2005 CLK Convertible. Many thanks. Steve
  9. scgfull

    Storing winter wheels on garage wall

    I use similar brackets on my Garage wall in conjunction with storage bages such as: 4 x High Quality Car Spare Tyre Wheel Cover Bag Storage Space Saver 13"-18" (other bags available!) Steve
  10. scgfull

    A209 2008 CLK Roof Issue Tonneau cover not closing

    I have not yet checked my fluid - I have too much on at the moment to check but will do so in the next few weeks - meanwhile, I shall keep an eye on this thread for more info. Steve
  11. scgfull

    A209 2008 CLK Roof Issue Tonneau cover not closing

    Sorry, I can't help but hopefully you will get an answer shortly, as I have a similar issue.
  12. scgfull

    From WRX to CLK!

    And welcome, I hope you get answers that meet your needs when you post up your issues.
  13. scgfull


    I too have been looking at the dynavin for my CLK, of all the Chinese units I have looked at the Dynavin has the best user interface, some of the the cheaper ones are awful. So, in my opinion, If original looks are important and you want a good screen display, I would recommend the Dynavin. Steve
  14. scgfull

    doh! new wheels don't fit

    Have you looked closely at the wheel, it might have a hub adapter fitted that reduces the bore size.
  15. scgfull

    Please Help Sold S class with E class engine

    So, If you are serious I believe your issues have been answered. 1. The engine is the same engine in an E class as an S Class. There may be a legitimate reason for one to be swapped out ( I had one swapped out on my old E class when the Camshafts snapped - it was cheaper than getting the engine...
  16. scgfull


    Not sure if you could retrofit a Mercedes Integrated system, but you could get a standalone system such as: Tyre Pressyre Monitoring System with 4 External Sensors,PSI/BAR,Diagnostic Tools, TPMS PSI,Car TPMS 2905451 2016 ? £106.59 Plenty of others available at very different prices - just look...
  17. scgfull


    I would imagine that as it is a 2016 model, it would have the Tyre Valve Pressure sensors and not the old fashioned ABS system. If you got universal valves fitted then they will self calibrate - at least mine did when I fitted my winter wheels last year.
  18. scgfull

    A207 E Class cabriolet smart top

    You should be able to edit it though and overwrite your email address. Steve
  19. scgfull

    Greetings from portsmouth

    Welcome from Gosport. Steve
  20. scgfull


    In my E350, I have used these in my winter tyres/rims and they register correctly. Schrader EZ - Sensor TPMS Valves I needed the "Clamp" In valves.
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