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    M113 v8

    The car currently has a 3.5 rover v8 devloping a whopping 152 bhp! So been looking at options, Audi 4.2 v8, BMW v8 and merc v8 to drop in as all circa 300bhp but not much info so struggling at the mo. The rover engine is expensive to upgrade and ultimately doesn't get much power. Looks like...
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    m113 (306bhp)

    Also m112 manual gearbox
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    2017 Mercedes C350e Full Review - Video

    Nice motor :bannana:
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    manual box on M113

    I want to drop an m113 v8 into an ac cobra but a manual box is a must have. I'm guessing this can be done?
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    m113 (306bhp)

    Wanted M113 306bhp V8 engine with all a cills, loom ecu etc
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    Help me decide.

    Darker grey
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    Dings in Drivers Door - Chipsaway Glasgow

    They do a pretty good job
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    M113 v8

    Also would I be able to use the Mercedes loom, ecu from a donor car?
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    M113 v8

    Hi I want to install a M113 5.0 (306bhp) engine into a ac cobra replica. I've tried to pm carat 3.6 but as a new member I'm not allowed. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction. I'd also want to bolt it to an appropriate gearbox
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