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  1. samdog

    Leather seat covers

    Anyone know a company in Scotland that will fit leather seat covers to my 2000 W208 cab for me and any idea of cost ..thanks Alan
  2. samdog

    ABS ESP Full Control Module A1705450132

    I have a duplicate part I bought for repairing my own car not needed its a ABS/ESP CONTROL MODULE part number A1705450132 removed and tested from a CLK 230 2000 though will fit others.Please make me a reasonable offer as I paid quite a price for it before I put on ebay ..Alan
  3. samdog

    CLK owners register

    1. AJA - 1999 (V reg) w208 CLK 320 2. CKLclive - 1999 CKL/dcp modified 3. Ream - 99 230 clk cab x2 4. Benzmanc - Dec 2002 (52) 230k cab avantgarde 5. Gollom - 2000 W208 CLK230 avantgarde 6.Scottishman2 - 2004 W209 CLK55 Cab. 7. Nicensleazy- 1998 W208 230 Kompressor CLK Elegance 8.petermansell...
  4. samdog

    ABS/ESP control module A1705450132 FOR SALE

    Needed to fit a ABS/ESP control module to my 2000 2.3 clk coupe and finished up bidding for two and winning two in an auction so have a spare one for sale ABS Pump / Controller Please Check Part Number Above Good Working Condition Removed from an X Reg 230K Auto Elegance OPEN TO OFFERS
  5. samdog

    HELP-Dead Battery - Blade key doesnt work - Locked out W208 CLK

    be careful now the battery has been flat that you don't get an ABS/ESP fault on your dashboard its notorious for that.
  6. samdog

    Blackberry Z10

    Blackberry best security about Why should IOS at version 6 need to bring out a security patch 6.1.3 you would think by now they had security sorted out but seemingly no
  7. samdog

    todays auction NOT CHEAP

    Yes I think this would be a really good thread for members to check out current prices especially us members in the sticks Keep it up
  8. samdog

    How To change W204 Wing Mirrors

    Great walk thru and pics can imagine it will help a lot
  9. samdog

    Chrome wheel arch trims.

    Glad you changed your mind I think they just attract dirt and rust as my neighbour had them on his
  10. samdog

    16year old killed in hit and run -trace this car

    Sorry to hear of this whole tragic event and my heart goes out to the victims family but please remember cars like guns don't kill people,people kill people and a more hardline attitude has to be taken by courts to drivers like this.
  11. samdog

    ESP ABS Warning light

    code on star machine is for abs/esb control module but we changed the complete unit and the warning light is still on,we have also replaced the abs rings still to no avail just hoping it clears itself as brakes seem to be ok thanks
  12. samdog

    ESP ABS Warning light

    Hi guys I have a 2000 clk 230 coupe I had it in storage a year and yes battery was flat so when I changed battery and started it up abs/eps warning lite came on.I had it put on a Star machine and got code c1000 so they changed thev abs control unit but still got light on,garage has gave up..any...
  13. samdog

    in car dvd and and tv

    i have a 2000 clk 230 coupe will this fit in car 7 Inch Digital Screen 1 Din Car DVD Player (GPS, TV, Bluetooth, RDS)#00252675 just wondered if anyone has fitted one before
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