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    Engine temp and mpg issue

    i thought that might cause a lower mpg when running 'cold' perhaps a faulty reading as above. Hope its not over heating :eek: with cruise on at 65mph it will do 54mpg over 20 miles but that can drop to 46 mpg on same run when temp needle shows 80 degrees. Maybe i should do the stat but...
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    Rust at top of A pillar

    Hi Guys Got some rust forming at top of passenger door pillar. It's the shiny black bit if that makes sense. Is it possible to replace these if i rub it down? Ruins a good looking car, gutted to have rust on a 2004 vehicle tbh :( cheers
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    Engine temp and mpg issue

    Hi Guys Got a weird problem with my 2004 c220 cdi. The car operates at 60 degrees most of the time which i put down to a faulty thermostat but never got round to changing. Since the car had a service A occasionaly the temp will rise to 80 ish but here is the weird part...... i lose 8-10 mpg...
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    Rear Seat Rattle

    Just a wee update for future ref, 4 bolts along bottom of seat removes it then 2 secure the back area. loosened these off and rattle stopped, must have been too tight.
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    welcome when you get it!
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    New Member

    lucky you! welcome
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    Hi All :)

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    hi 2 all! newbie 1st post

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    My First Mercedes

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    New member

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    New to the forum...

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    New Member Catch-22

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    Rear Seat Rattle

    Hi Bobby i'm not sure mine fold, was this not an option? Cant see any release buttons on top of seat.
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    Lateral Sensor

    I got quoted £230 + vat from garage eeeek Seen used ones on ebay for £70 but if they are ony £90ish i'll get a new one. cheers
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    Rear Seat Rattle

    Having such a bad time with my Merc since moving from lexus and BMW. I have a rattle from the back when i go over uneven ground so after a short investigation i have found its the back rest of the back seat when i give it a thump that does it. Anyone know how to remove this and what i...
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    Lateral Sensor

    Hi Can anyone tell me the location of my lateral sensor on a 2004 c220 cdi saloon? Also if poss a model number thanks
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    No Boost and EML on

    hi again, just incase anyone is searching through this i required a recon turbo unit at £685 plus fitting. The esp fault is a lateral sensor at £200+ vat from merc only which i have just left for now. All in i was £1100 ish for turbo...... ouch at least car drives great now!
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    No Boost and EML on

    Yeah he said that there was a fair amount of play within the turbo and could here a grinding noise with the boost pipe off if that makes sense.
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