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  1. JimGreen

    C63 PPP 2012 - how much?

    The answer to your questions by now should be very apparent - Keep It, you know you'll always regret selling it within a few weeks. I'm now on my second W204 C63, having first purchased a 2012 face lift which I had for 18 months, before deciding to sell. Within days and having test driven an M3...
  2. JimGreen

    W204 C63 Purchase??just can’t

    Now you have the freedom to browse till you find the right car for you. I'm an ex BMW Man, had 6 BM's in total, ranging from E46 330 M Sport, E46 M3, E39 540 M Sport, E39 M5........ when I sold my last car, I was all ready for purchasing the E60 M5, it had been my dream car for so long, but...
  3. JimGreen

    W204 C63 Newbie

    Great work Andy
  4. JimGreen

    C63 507 Model Register

    Hmmm LOL.
  5. JimGreen

    Northern Meeting Dates 2019

    It must have the words "AMG" on it............ and that doesn't include the plastic ones you get on ebay !!!!
  6. JimGreen

    MY W204 Coupe

    Love the grill...... where did you get that, and how was it to fit. Looks very impressive.
  7. JimGreen

    W204 C63 AMG parts and accessories

    Four best answers right above, relating to changing the rear spoiler, stick with the original...... anything else just makes it look chavy. You can make the C63 look a little more aggressive with some simple mods, such as the others you suggest, but that's as far as i'd take it.
  8. JimGreen

    Buying a DA

    I purchased the Meguiars DA polisher and as an enthusiastic amateur I've been pleased with the results. I use an assortment of products and don't stick with any one particular brand of cutting, polishing and waxing products and tend to purchase the more mainstream brands such as Autoglym...
  9. JimGreen

    Safety Recall - Airbag

    The manufacturer "Mercedes Benz" use keeper data from the DVLA. So even if you purchased the car privately and the car is not serviced or registered with a Dealership, you would still receive a notification. Google "The UK Safety Recalls Scheme" its all explained in "VOSA/SUP/2581A/APRIL 14"
  10. JimGreen

    Safety Recall - Airbag

    Sorry - Double Posted
  11. JimGreen

    Safety Recall - Airbag

    Just received a Mercedes Benz Safety Recall letter for the airbag on my 2013 C63 AMG. Not sure what's involved, but got the car booked in for next week, apparently it takes under an hour to sort whatever the problem might be. Anyone already had theirs done ??
  12. JimGreen

    W204 C63 Newbie

    Ironic how we sell cars and then regret doing it. Clio V6 - Great Car but felt like it needed another 100bhp. If i still had it now I'd have supercharged it. But at the time I couldn't afford to do that. BMW M5 - At the time the later E60 V10 had come out, and I felt the E39 M5 was looking...
  13. JimGreen

    W204 C63 Newbie

    OMG :(:(:( What have you done Andy. I have a feeling you will come to regret this, I've had a few cars that I regret selling (E39 M5, Renault Clio V6) and whenever I see one, it makes me wonder what the hell I was thinking at the time. Be good to catch up again soon though. Hope the VW lives...
  14. JimGreen

    W204 C63 PP remap options

    I live in Hull, but when it comes to anything special needed, I travel to MSL. So far i've had a secondary decat, a remap and a Quaife LSD fitted, each was worth the journey south to get it done at MSL and to know it was done properly.
  15. JimGreen

    Bajie’s C63 AMG 507

    You must be over the moon, great looking example. Tell us more about her................
  16. JimGreen

    Wax recommendations please

    No, just a snow foam and Bilt Hammer HD Glaze
  17. JimGreen

    W204 C63 Newbie

    Looking Good Andy, I did my fronts last year and they're still looking good, need to do the same on the rears, a job for a rainy day.
  18. JimGreen

    Wax recommendations please

    Although I have a white C63, i've tried both DoDo Juice & Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax and find them both equally better than most wax's on the market, I don't think you'd go wrong with either of them. Having being an avid Autoglym HD user, along with most of their other products for many years...
  19. JimGreen

    507 question

    Maybe the one I took for a drive was one of the 3% :):):)........ but certainly had a more harsh ride than either of my normal C63's. Never understood why they didn't fit the 507 with the LSD. Still a great enthusiasts car though.
  20. JimGreen

    507 question

    Really depends why you want a C63 AMG....... If you just want a very fast and capable luxury car and you've decided on a Mercedes, then a W204 or W205 C63 will be what your looking for. If your an enthusiast and are buying the car for that reason and you intend to keep it for 3 - 5 years, then...
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