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  1. camerontyler

    Engine losing power in rain, c270cdi. w203.

    Hi Deuchars25, I've had this twice since i've had my w203, although not the power problem, not that i've noticed anyway, but i've had the light come up telling me there's something up with the battery/alternator. It has only happened when i've had no choice but to plow (slowly) through...
  2. camerontyler

    Virgin Super Hub

    Just buy this and all your problems will be solved. Sumvision SVW307R Wireless N 300Mbps DSL Router
  3. camerontyler


    "there would have been no damage to either car" I'm guessing the person was honest enough to confront you on the matter for the first time in supermarket-car-assault history?
  4. camerontyler

    The wait is almost over ...

    Would anyone slap me if I said the front seats in this one look alot better than the seats in the C63?
  5. camerontyler

    Had a good clear out!

    You put me to shame. It appears a bucket, some sponges, some clothes, some car shampoo, some demon shine, some alloy cleaner and a hose just doesn't cut the mustard.
  6. camerontyler

    Winter Tyres

    Don't know what everyone else thinks about used tyres but I just fitted (on the rear end) a pair of goodyear EV-2 eagle vector 205 55 16 for £67 delivered with 6mm on each tyre left. They have no puncture repairs or scuffs or scrapes. I then got them fitted for £10 a corner (valve balance etc)...
  7. camerontyler

    C36 Glasgow M8

    I've got a purple c 220 that looks dark blue at night, coulda been me. lol.
  8. camerontyler

    For us that have been stuck in a stationary que on the motorway.

    it's gotta be someone on here seeing as it keeps getting taken down! can someone PM me a working link please?
  9. camerontyler

    Mercedes Car Specialists, Glasgow

    Best garage i've been to, ever. They actually care about your car and what they do. If you have any problem big or small they will take you to the car, put it up on the ramp and physically show you what's up. The mechanic I had knew his stuff and was extremely patient with my stupid questions...
  10. camerontyler

    Mercedes Car Specialists, Glasgow

    i'm heading there today thanks to your advice ***
  11. camerontyler


    Get it on a rolling road and see what the torque and HP come to. If they are far greater than what is stated in the book (or parkers) then I guess it's been fiddled with. Being a sport you should have................ 0-60 mph 10.5 s Power Output 147 bhp...
  12. camerontyler

    MB specialist in Tayside area found

    Hi, Currently have no problems (touch wood) but I am a Ferry-boy living in the borders at the moment but am in Dundee regularly and am always keen to find new reliable places that I can trust with my Merc. Did you manage to get service costs (A&B) from them? The nearest place to me is Deutsch...
  13. camerontyler

    Air Filter Housing Wobble

    Good Evening All, The Mrs picked me up from work the other day. When she pulled up I thought the 'diesel rattle' was a bit louder than usual. I lifted the bonnet and noticed the air filter housing heat shield was slightly touching a peice of metal below causing a metal on metal rattle. I...
  14. camerontyler

    Telephone ringtones - free ones!

    Goto links below file - save page as - save it somewhere as mp3(desktop) - transfer to phone - bobs your aunty.
  15. camerontyler

    Telephone ringtones - free ones!

    Goto link, file - save page as - save it somewhere (desktop) - transfer to phone - bobs your aunty. 10 is my favourite for old-style.
  16. camerontyler

    Next Scottish Curry Night

    Hallo, any chance it could be on a Saturday? Might be able to get more people available on a Sat night (me included). Also are you thinking west coast or east coast? Cameron
  17. camerontyler

    Oil Overfill Issue

    Good Evening Everyone, Sorry I havn't posted about the situation for a while but I wanted to wait until everything was done and dusted. After all the anguish, the very helpful area manager did everything he could to make me happy. He organised a cheque for me to the value of the cost of the...
  18. camerontyler

    Oil Overfill Issue

    Good Evening, Finished work and had a few missed calls from a random number. Turns out it was the Operations Manager for Kwik Fit. He'd been down to the KF station where I got the oil changed. The manager of the station has admitted to him that he thought something had gone wrong because...
  19. camerontyler

    Oil Overfill Issue

    Spoke to KF customer services today. They didn't sound too impressed by what I told them and it's now being handed over to the Operations Manager and i've to expect a call from him/her within 3 days working days. Needless to say I will be posting the results as and when. Cameron
  20. camerontyler

    Oil Overfill Issue

    I think you've missed the point Jaymanek. Course of events - 1. Drive into KF 2. Give keys 3. All done sir, card or cash? 4. Cars out front for you with engine running 5. Drive off - not coming out of second and cant manually downshift 6. Take to Indie, ATF low by 1 litre - no leaks in system...
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