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  1. jimmy

    Great Service From Mercedes

    Most people seem to moan about their dealers. I have moaned in the past but glad to report that I have had a very pleasant experience from my local MB dealer. Last week I had a letter from MB saying they would like to inspect and carry out some tests on the braking system on my 2003...
  2. jimmy

    Airmatic Re-programming?

    Does anybody know if the Airmatic air suspension on an E320CDi S211 can be re-programmed to alter the ride heights? Basically, I would like to have a setting where the suspension is raised approx 15-20mm over standard. The raised setting is too high and will revert to normal setting...
  3. jimmy

    C180K Courtesy Car - Hmmmm

    Took my E320Cdi to MB for an E service today, very helpfull and a pleasant experience so far. (Makes a change from people slagging them off!) Anyway, I got a nearly new C180K Sport saloon as a courtesy car, Hmmm, not very impressed with it. Don't get me wrong, it's better than the usual Corsa...
  4. jimmy

    E320CDi Estate Tyre Choice

    I know it's been discussed a thousand times before on here, but has anybody any experience of different tyre types on a S211 E320CDi Estate (2003) with airmatic if that makes a difference. The car just had it's 1st MOT today, no worries apart from advisories on all 4 tyres, the rears are down...
  5. jimmy

    False rocks and Shop Fittings

    Seeing as you lot are so helpful, I thought I would ask if anybody might be in the shopfitting trade and may be able to help me. I am looking at fitting out a new retail/wholesale business venture. I have a 10,000 sq/ft building, half will be racked out for warehousing the other half will be...
  6. jimmy

    Fumes Smell Inside

    I have noticed a smell of fumes inside the car, not chokingly bad but noticable. Always have the windows up so it must be coming in through the A/C. Also after a run you can smell hot diesel outside the car. The car is an E320CDi 2003 Estate, has anybody else had this problem? It's going to...
  7. jimmy

    Volvo Specialist in Hammersmith?

    Does anybody know of a Volvo specialist in Hammersmith? I have been trying everywhere to get some brake parts for an old 1960's Volvo Amazon 122???? Several people have mentioned a place under the arches at Hammersmith but nobody can remember a name. No, I dont think it is Phil Mitchell:D
  8. jimmy

    Spam Filter

    Can anybody recommend an effective and easy to use Spam filter? Starting to get usual viagra offers and other junk, where do these people get your email from?
  9. jimmy

    Swap tyres front to rear?

    Just picked up the new E-Class estate at the weekend, the rear tyres are showing a bit of wear, probably 3-4mm left, the fronts are much less worn. They are huge 245/45 17's both front and rear, would it be best to swap them front to back so that the better tyres are on the rear for grip and...
  10. jimmy

    More Than Insurance - Any good?

    I am picking up my new car at the weekend. I have been busy getting insurance quotes and quite surpised that DirectLine who have always been the cheapest are now fairly far down the list. The best quote by far for both my E320CDi and my old Landrover SWB has been MoreThan. I know somebody...
  11. jimmy

    E320CDi Estate 211 2003 Good Buy?

    Hello every one, I'm back!! :D I have had my C250TD for coming up for 3 years, the longest I have ever kept a car. For the past 6 months or so I have been seriously looking at a replacement, not because I don't like it but because I am concious of it's age (I know it's a bit snobby!!) I...
  12. jimmy


    My Blaupunkt MP3 player is no longer playing so I am considering purchasing an ipod and using the Dension kit to link it in like a CD changer. Where is the best/cheapest place to get an ipod?
  13. jimmy

    Small TV+DVD Combo

    I have been given the task by a relative to buy them a TV/DVD combo for use primarily in their caravan. They want a small (10" or 12") TV with built in DVD player. The caravan is always hooked up to the mains so 240v is not a problem, dual voltage (12v) would be a bonus but not essential. Any...
  14. jimmy

    To sell or not?

    I have a dilemma. I had my car on ebay, had a reserve of £8500 (a bit high I know) anyway it did not reach my reserve it only got to £7600, the highest bidder contacted me wanting to do a deal. We spoke several times on the phone and we eventually agreed on £7850. Still a good price for the...
  15. jimmy

    Finding a new car

    Do any of you helpful lot know of any ways of searching for a new (used) car other than Autotrader or ebay? I have heard of companies that will do the searches for you and find exactly what you want, cheaper than you could find it yourself, sort of like a broker I guess? Any ideas?
  16. jimmy

    C250TD Elegance Estate 1998/R

    FOR SALE I have decided that the time has come for a change! So my very well looked after and sought after C250 Turbodiesel Estate is up for sale. These are very rare motors to get hold of in good condition. This one is very nice, and has lots of extras; C250TD Estate Elegance 2.5 Litre...
  17. jimmy

    Freelander TD4

    Has anybody got any long term experience with a Landrover Freelander. I know the early petrol's had problems and the 2.0Di were supposed to be rough. The TD4 seems swift enough, very comfortable just wondered if there were any long term owners here?
  18. jimmy

    WANTED: Ride On Lawnmower

    I am in the market for a new Ride-On/Garden Tractor/Lawnmower, I am after a medium sized to proffesional sized machine, not a little B&Q jobby! Seeing as you lot are such a helpful bunch I thought I would run it past you and see if anybody has one for sale, knows of one for sale or has a...
  19. jimmy

    GPS/GSM Aerial - New Mod

    I have just fitted a combined GPS/GSM roof aerial. It has two outputs, one for my sat-nav and another for mobile phone. It is a genuine part, was easy to fit although involved making a square hole in the roof :crazy: and looks great.
  20. jimmy

    Cheap(ish) DVD Players

    Has anybody bought a budget DVD player lately? I am after 12, yes twelve budget DVD players none of the 'Superstores' want to do a deal, any ideas?
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