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  1. sgh

    Recommendations wanted for SLC Reverse Camera Fitter in Kent

    Looking for recommendations for someone to supply and fit a reversing camera to my SLC 2016 in Kent. Thanks
  2. sgh

    E Class Service - Kent

    My 2015 E 220d Coupe 42.000 miles is showing a warning for an A Class service (not that I can get one at the moment). I looked on the main Mercedes site for a quote and main dealers are coming up with £712. Anyone have any recommendations of where to go in Kent for preferably cheaper? Thanks
  3. sgh

    Steering Wheel Adjustment stopped working

    Anyone else encountered this, the steering wheel adjustment has stopped working. I have a 15 plate E Class with Memory seats but the wheel will not budge from the highest position!
  4. sgh

    W204 Coupe Mats Recommendations

    Looking for some new mats for W204 Coupe (Auto) 64 plate, any recommendations? Thanks
  5. sgh

    PCP - Switch dealers?

    I'm looking at changing a car on a Mercedes PCP deal that was got through the Lookers group. Question is, if I saw another car, can I look at changing through an official Mercedes dealer or another one like Sytner etc.. Has anyone else here done the same?
  6. sgh

    Tyre Foam Replacement?

    So, picked up my A Class yesterday and today went over a slight pothole and the front passenger side tyre rapidly deflates! Tried the supplied foam and that did not inflate it, so had to wait for RAC through Mercedes Mobilo to put a temp fix on the tyre. Of course, literally no where was open...
  7. sgh

    B Class Rear Wiper Assembley Diagram? W246

    Went out to the car this morning and the rear wiper blade had come off, hoping it was high winds last night rather than kids! I have fitted the wiper back to the arm but does anyone know how this fixes back onto the car? I found a metal spring on the ground as well which may or may not be part...
  8. sgh

    Facebook Group Mercedes Benz C Class Cabriolet

    Just started a Mercedes Benz C Class Cabriolet Group for those that are interested, all welcome:
  9. sgh

    C Class Cabriolet C300 or 250d?

    Looking to change to either of these, I know the 250d engine well but test drove the C300 and really liked it. Trouble is, I'll do around 25k miles. Should me head or my heart win!?
  10. sgh

    C205 Coupe Owners

    Thought I'd start one of these as I can't find an existing one. I have one coming soon and wondered what current owners thought about theirs?
  11. sgh

    W205 14 plate pickup tomorrow

    Can't wait picking up my 2014 C CLASS C250 BlueTEC AMG Line Premium Plus tomorrow. Wa very impressed on the test drives & the inside really shows Mercedes have moved up a gear. I've had 3 SLK's & an A Class previous to this. Has pretty much most of the extras apart from Airmatic suspension.
  12. sgh

    A Class Panoramic Roof & Mercedes Me questions

    Have seen a 2015 A Class 220CDI advertised with a Panoramic Roof, stupid question but does that mean it opens & tilts? Also it's listed as having COMAND Online and Media Interface, is this the same as Mercedes Me? Thanks
  13. sgh

    Roof Down, Rear Windows stay down?

    Might be a silly question, I have a R172 SLK - should the rear windows be up when the roof is down?
  14. sgh

    Vin Decode Request

    Have tried a couple of site but one didn't work (MBWorld) and another came up with a 2002 car. The car is a 2015 SLK, could someone do a lookup please, vin is: WDD1724482F111407 Thanks in advance
  15. sgh

    E Class Missing Service Record

    Was about the pull the trigger on a 63 plate E-Class (14k miles) from a main Merc dealer & asked about the Service History. Was told that they can tell from the car computer that it has had a 1st service but this hasn't been carried out by Mercedes & hence does not show on their history. They...
  16. sgh

    DVLA Personalised Plate question

    Am in between cars at the moment (long story!) & wondered if I can buy a personalised plate from the dvla in advance of me receiving my car?
  17. sgh

    Facebook Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe & Cabriolet Group

    Just started a Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe & Cabriolet Group for those that are interested, all welcome:
  18. sgh

    E Class A207 63 Plate, Park Assist & Reverse Camera?

    Will hopefully be picking up a 63 plate E Class Cabrio in a few weeks. I know it has Park Assist but does that automatically mean it has a reversing camera too? Cheers
  19. sgh

    MB Dartford

    So I Saw on my dash a warning this morning 'Parking Light, front left'. I went into MB Dartford & was quoted £67.50 plus VAT for Labour, the actual bulb cost £1.74!!! I bought the bulb but will be taking my business elsewhere!
  20. sgh

    Looking for a basic cleaning guide

    Having just bought my Silver SLK 2009 R171 I wondered if there was a basic cleaning guide somewhere? I don't want to get too involved but at the same time would like to give it a good clean/polish every now & then. So what are the basics & what are some decent products to use? (bearing in...
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