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  1. GeeJayW

    So what happens to dead car batteries
  2. GeeJayW

    Ever had your own tankard at the local pub?

    Just having an early evening beer in a tankard I was awarded at the end of my apprenticeship in ‘77. I haven’t done this for a while as I typically just use a glass. Anyway, it’s got me thinking about some of the friends I had back then, some of which I’m still in touch with whilst the majority...
  3. GeeJayW

    Netflix on the go?

    Not a good idea IMHO...!preferred/0/package/325/pub/325/page/45/article/73441
  4. GeeJayW

    Goodbye Goody...

    Tim Brooke-Taylor dies with coronavirus, aged 79 :(
  5. GeeJayW

    5G Networks Pros & Cons - Discuss

    Not an invitation for C-19 conspiracy theorists. Please set up your own thread for that. Given the huge jump in bandwidth and reduction in latency that 5G offers, there comes a whole plethora of communication and data transfer opportunities. Some, indeed many of these will be advantageous to...
  6. GeeJayW

    Lord Bath RIP

    Lord Bath dies after contracting coronavirus Sad to lose another character...
  7. GeeJayW

    World's Biggest Green Hydrogen Project...

    Thought this might be of interest... Shell unveils world's largest offshore wind plan to power green hydrogen | Recharge
  8. GeeJayW

    E10 to be the new standard petrol?

    Greener petrol at UK pumps to target emissions E10 contains less carbon, but fuel economy is worse, so tailpipe CO2 is the same or thereabouts... Not compatible with some (many?) fuel systems. Plus, where does the ethanol come from? Discuss...
  9. GeeJayW

    W205 18" 5-spoke rim query

    A205401100 and A205401200 Versus A2054017700 and A2054017600 Are these essentially the same rims? They look the same in photos, but would like to know if they are interchangeable please. Thanks
  10. GeeJayW

    RIP Bob Willis.... :(

    Bob Willis: Former England cricket captain dies aged 70
  11. GeeJayW

    Daimler to cease developing internal combustion engines...

    Thought this might be of interest. Daimler stops developing internal combustion engines to focus on electric cars - Electrek
  12. GeeJayW

    W169 Price List and Brochure

    Just having a bit of a clear out and came across the price list and brochure for the A150 (W169) we had in 2006. If anyone has an interest in having them, just ping me a message with your details and I'll pop them in the post.
  13. GeeJayW

    Le Mans 24h 2019

    Anyone going or watching on TV? TV coverage including practice and qualifying is on Eurosport. Q1 is on right now.
  14. GeeJayW

    COMAND NTG5*2 Media System Lockup

    Couldn't think of another title. Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience... We've just driven across to Leeds and on the way selected Media from COMAND which normally picks up a USB stick in Media Interface 1. Initially it showed that nothing was connected. It then failed to show...
  15. GeeJayW

    Ruby Wedding Anniversary Today!

    So 40-years ago today, my wife and I got married and then spent the evening watching Thin Lizzy at the Hammersmith Odeon. Had a lot of great times over the years and hopefully more to come.
  16. GeeJayW

    Water dripping from kitchen ceiling...

    Turned out to be something that was done when the house was built back in the seventies. Whoever installed the rising main and hot water return for the kitchen, chose to hold the pipes in place with a couple of nails! So over the last forty odd years the pipes have been chafing against nails...
  17. GeeJayW

    Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake..

    Just got back from seeing this epic production at The Lowry, Salford. Just amazing performances from the whole cast from start to finish, with proper standing ovation from the audience at the end and several curtain calls.
  18. GeeJayW

    RIP Stan Lee

    :( Marvel's Stan Lee dies aged 95
  19. GeeJayW

    Getting an MX-5..

    Will be picking up a 25th Anniversary Edition next weekend. Really looking forward to having some top down fun again. Keeping the S205 though.
  20. GeeJayW


    Our car is in for service and we have been advised by video that both front rims are slightly buckled. Need to find out if repairing them is a) possible and b) if it's covered by our wheel insurance. Not happy Bob, not happy! :( Any recommendations for alloy straightening firms near Chester?
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