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  1. gr1nch

    Maybach S450 in China

    Just saw this car today in the apartment compound in Changzhou where I've been staying in China. Caught me by surprise, as I've seen no luxury cars in here at all, though outside a few S-classes purring by and an outrageous Ferrari. The shape appeals to me, but the chrome seems a tad tacky and a...
  2. gr1nch

    Satnav updates under warranty?

    Hi, I heard from my main dealer today that new car owners are entitled to 3 free maps updates under warranty, but they don't all have to be installed within the warranty period. So, they say, I can spread my 3 updates out over multiple years outside my warranty period. It sounds flexible, so...
  3. gr1nch

    Mobilo : good value or not?

    Hello folks, My recent experience of Mobilo (not being able to get a part to me over a weekend, recovery only offered, no hire car matching as advertised) is not a positive one. It doesn't seem for good value for money. I've read a few threads on Mobilo here. Do you think Mobilo represents...
  4. gr1nch

    Pros/cons of 18" spacesaver wheel in the boot of a 20" wheeled car?

    Hi folks, A pothole (or two) killed two of my tyres and both rims in one go on Saturday. My car is now with Mercedes Grimsby getting a full check. But it got me thinking about punctures generally as I've only got a tyre inflation kit in the boot. But on two wheel websites I looked at the only...
  5. gr1nch

    Why luxury steering wheels are becoming prized targets for organised criminal gangs

    B******s. Maybe I will get that steering lock after all.... Why luxury steering wheels are becoming prized targets for organised criminal gangs Sent from my G3112 using Tapatalk
  6. gr1nch

    Super Trucks Racing

    Seen these? Big, fast pickup trucks on a proper track with jumps. Lot of skills in show and more fun than Formula 1! Sent from my G3112 using Tapatalk
  7. gr1nch

    Expected brake and tyre wear?

    Hello folks, This is my first Mercedes, so the wear and year of them is new to me. After the first 12.5k miles, 1 year from new, my rear tyres were down to 1.9mm, yet the brake wear was reported at service as 20%. I understand that both types of wear aren't necessarily coupled, but they seem...
  8. gr1nch

    Thoughts on MB service plans?

    Hello folks, Any recent positive or negative experiences of MB service plans? I recall seeing an earlier post where it was recommended to buy the first A service, then service plan the next three, BAB. So did the first part, considering the second. I've just had my 17 plate S350d serviced at...
  9. gr1nch

    New CLS

    And what a beauty! Shades of the CL. A lot of presence. Nice back end too, like the new S class coupé. Mercedes CLS first drive: sheer luxury – and a technical tour de force Sent from my G3112 using Tapatalk
  10. gr1nch

    Rowan Atkinson's well maintained 500E at auction

    1993 Mercedes-Benz 500E - Silverstone Auctions Spotted in the paper today. Looks like a very nice example. Sent from my G3112 using Tapatalk
  11. gr1nch

    Front nearside wheel shuddering when slowly turning (W222)

    Hello folks, I'm hoping this problem rings a bell with some members here.. First the car is 9 months old and under warranty and I'll be taking it in to the main dealer where I bought it, asap. Driving normally there are zero problems, however it seems to happen only under the following...
  12. gr1nch

    Bentley Flying Spur

    A friend of mine has one and it's astonishingly refined, powerful and a lovely engine sound, when heard from outside. Its a different kind animal from the high-tech W222, but very enjoyable to move about in nonetheless. It looks like this, though his car's paint job is a classy looking blue/grey...
  13. gr1nch

    Experience of MB Insurance & replacing the windscreen

    Last month on a motorway my windscreen was hit by a rock which made a hole perhaps half way through and started a crack that grew a foot or so over a week. It took a month altogether to get the windscreen replaced by my local MB dealer and the cost reimbursed into my bank account from Aviva...
  14. gr1nch

    Winter wheel ideas

    Hello folks, I'm keen to get winter tyres onto my car soon to prepare for winter as the surface into my home over road and drive is steep in places and a neighbor tells me gets very slippery over the winter. I have been toying with going the whole hog for a number of reasons and getting winter...
  15. gr1nch

    Mille Miglia

    Crossing over the border from Italy to Austria today, what popped up alongside me but this fine Mercedes. Looking up the Mille Miglia start list, it was one of the newest cars that set out, a 1957 190SL. Shame it was being towed by an Audi...
  16. gr1nch

    W140 - the worlds first autonomous car Fascinating article from Mercedes. The one of a 400SEL following the Mille Miglia route is fun too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * 2017 W222 S350d...
  17. gr1nch

    Your best petrol station?

    Not something I would normally think about but I've just filled up at what was the most welcoming and wonderful petrol station of my life . Shockingly cheap fuel after €1.35-1.55 in the large valley towns. Heading from Bormio to Bolzano. Eni at Trepalle * diesel at €0.855/litre - that's 74p ! *...
  18. gr1nch

    Old Tractors

    Spotted these from the roadside heading south out of Lecco today, so pulled over, wandered in and had a nose around Full album here. I got all the tractors and some with closeups. One big unit, I think a threshing machine, from Lincoln in the 1920s! It's a long way from home and a nice...
  19. gr1nch

    Mercedes Museum & Sindelfingen - tips?

    I'll be there next week (28 & 29th) with SWMBO * Any tips, for either venue? * Its a longshot, but anyone else going? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * 2017 W222 S350d SWB AMG Line Premium Plus * Ashford, Kent & Mons, Belgium Sent from...
  20. gr1nch

    What the Swiss do well

    Today stopped​ by Lake Luzern and noticed a few things whilst descending 1.6km from Rigi Kulm over 10km (apart from aching knees ) back to our hotel by the lake. * They make personal cable cars and it looks like they last a long time! The controls were at the base, so it looked like insert key...
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