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    Diagnostics Confusion - 2013 E350 BlueTec AMG Sport Estate W212 (Facelift) and iCarSoft MB V2.0

    Please help, it's driving me nuts........ My treasured E350 is showing a few faults, including an EML light that won't go off, so after looking on here I bought the iCarSoft analyser. Plugged it in and then the fun started. Firstly, it gives me a list of maybe half a dozen different versions...
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    A Few Quick Questions About Diagnostics

    I have a 2013 W212 E350 Estate (facelift), which has led a very cossetted life with me from new and is sitting with only 21k on the clock. Mileage since lock down has been almost zero and I have two problems. First, I have an Engine Management Light on, which I'm hoping is the result of having...
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    EM Light After Flat Battery

    Hopefully just a quick and easy to sort problem ............ My E350 had an almost dead battery this morning after being garaged for several weeks out of the bad weather. On the third turn of the key I got it to turn over and start. After a run everything is now fine, it still goes like...
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    Just Seen Some C-Class Deals

    I was browsing through and in the offers they have loads of C-Class models with about £9-£12k off list. Not pre-registered either. That's 30+% discount on some of them. Dip your bread. Oops, I looked again. There's E-Class, S-Class, SLS, GLC as well. .
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    A Mercedes Pickup - Uggh!

    Words fail me. Mercedes-Benz just announced a gorgeous new pickup truck ? the X-Class - Business Insider .
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    W212 E350 Slow To Start

    Quick question before my car runs out of warranty.... It's noticable that unlike every other car I've had in the last decade or so my E350 takes several seconds of cranking before it fires up if it has been standing in the garage for a few days. Almost as if it is having to prime with fuel...
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    SatNav Traffic Warning Advice Please

    My W212 E350 has the standard fit traffic warning system which has saved me a whole heap of problems. The licence screen (Tom Tom)says it's all up to date and valid. However, my car will soon be 3 years old and out of warranty. So I'm planning in advance for the next step. Please tell me...
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    Service items - riddle me this

    I've been feeling all smug about the VW NOx emissions thing because my pride and joy has got a boot full of AdBlue instead of a spare wheel so, it emits less NOx than when a fairy belches. However .... I've just had a B service at a main dealer. Last year I was charged 2 x £11.70 (ex VAT) for...
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    SLK Wiring Advice Please

    I'm just about to take a look at a friend's 06 SLK which is having a few intermittent boot lid problems such as the electric lock release not working or getting error messages for number plate light or third brake light being duff. It strikes me that it's some sort of wiring problem and I'm...
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    W212 wiring routes please

    So I'm finally going to bite the bullet and fit a dual front/rear dash cam to my facelift W212 E Class Estate. The fuse box is on the right hand side of the boot compartment. I'll probably also locate the recorder there as well, so just need to get the camera cables to their final location...
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    AMG GT TV Ad.

    Here's how they will be marketing the new car during the Super Bowl. Looks to me like they took the back end of a Porsche and welded it on to a MB. .
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    Injecxtor Question

    My E350 goes for it's first A service today. The dealer tells me that there's a recall on the car for injector and wiring loom checks so they've ordered parts just in case. I thought the injector problems were well over two years ago and only affected four pot engines? Does anyone know...
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    Sevicing Costs and Discounts

    Do all main dealers work to a standard price list, or are there variations worth phoning around for? My car needs it's first Service A and my local (big chain) dealer wants a kidney. No surprises, I researched before I bought but I'd like to do the best I can now the day is near. And, does...
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    Auto close Tailgate Question

    Got a knock on the door at well past midnight last night. It's a neighbour to tell me my E-Class tailgate is open. This is the third time it's happened, although the first time I've had to get out of bed. I love the tailgate, but the problem is the key fob. Put it in the pocket of a pair of...
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    Mobilo Question

    I've been reading the very useful Mobilo summary that someone posted. It prompted a bit of a question in my head. In fact, two of them. My car is 2013, so it looks like providing I continually get serviced approved or dealer, I get 30 years of cover. So far so good. But presumably, it's only...
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    What's This Noise?

    I wasn't sure whether to post this in the engine or some other forum, so Mods, please move it if you see fit. Anyway............. someone please tell me what this strange noise is. My E350 Estate is a mere 1700 miles old and in normal running is as quiet as a church mouse. But in slow traffic...
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    Honest John - top 10 Classic Cars

    The top 10 classic car searches. Five of them are MB. Top 10: Searched for classic cars in October 2013 | | Honest John .
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    4 Motion E Class Coming to UK?

    In a dealer's today I was lamenting the fact that my recent new E-Class has got the 7G Tronic box rather than the 9G Tronic as our German chums get. That's not to say I don't like what I've got, but we always want more, don't we? The salesman explained that 9G Tronic is getting rolled out now...
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    Where's my dipstick?

    New E350 CDI. Can't find a dispstick. Please don't tell me I've got one of those cars that's going to monitor itself and then strand at the side of the road waiting for the RAC when it runs low. p.s. Given that I have a filler cap, what oil do I want? I'm used to Audi/VW giving me a...
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    W212 Live Supply Question

    I'm going to treat my shiny new E-Class to a dash cam, mounted up behind the mirror. I need to find an ignition switched live feed. If I can find a permament live as well (to feed a timer) that would be a major bonus. The fuse box is in the boot, so that's no use and the only certain source I...
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