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    Old boiler !

    Hello chaps. Any heating engineers on here please? Am looking for guidance/suggestions. The 30 year old boiler in my house has just packed up as the gas injectors are shot and are no longer available as replacement parts as such I am told full boiler replacement is required. My excellent but...
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    W219 roof bars and cycle carrier

    Hello folks. Am looking to purchase some roof bars and cycle carrier for my w219 CLS. Have searched the forum and as usual am lead to exactly what I need (another thread had the Thule model numbers etc I need). Before I purchase new, does anyone have a set for sale that they want to shift ? If...
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    Building quotes.... Advice please

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I note from some of the posts a number of you are in the building and development trade. I would greatly appreciate your input into sense checking the following. I am in the process of extending and refurbing my house, relatively big job and am using a well regarded...
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    PCS horndean

    Had my CLS serviced by PCS along with some overdue front suspension work and new tyres all around today. I live in Kent so a reasonable round trip to get there but very glad I did. Whilst the bill was not small it was all necessary to keep the car tip top and it felt box fresh on the way home...
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    W124 you must read the desceiption

    Sending from iPhone so not sure if link will work but description is hilarious...
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    Locking wheel nut

    Tried to put a spare on the ML last night as rear left had a big screw sticking straight through the tread. Annoyingly the locking wheel nut appears to be damaged as it can't get any purchase on the nut and is just threading. Took it to main dealer as they took the wheel off and changed the...
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    What would you pick.

    I am pondering purchasing a mid 90's SL500 to tinker with at weekends with a view to restoring properly with my son when he's old enough to help (he's only 4 now) but I have space to store and work on a car so thinking now is a good time to get an R129 before they start disappearing and...
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    Main dealer health check

    Hi all. Main dealer just called me to offer a free winter health check. It takes an hour apparently so sounds like a mini visual service. Anyone used this and is it worthwhile?
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    Independent service in kent

    Hi fellow members. I am lucky enough to have both a CLS (59) and ML(60) and am looking for a decent independent specialist as the main dealer has become prohibitively expensive. I am in North Kent and have found NJS solutions near brands hatch and also BMW and Mercedes service at knockholt...
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