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    Race the Sun

    We, My Wife and i along with a friend,Steve are booked at Portishead Premier Inn for Sunday night, planning to run down to to the start on Monday at a leisurely pace,get fuelled up and stock the snack shelf up.Steve is going the Clarkson Route and im taking M4/M5 1 John -Silver SL500 2 Martyn...
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    Race the Sun

    Im in, really fancy this, car is in bits for a caliper swap but living in hope as the alternate is a diesel Volvo. My understanding is 21.36 sunset,0430 sunrise and 430 miles minimum? is this the correct info?
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    Police officers sacked after recording themselves speeding

    In our house we have an anacronym for this sort of stuff TAF Thick as ????
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    CL thats not Black or silver

    Just lovely.
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    What started your car addiction?

    Close Consumer Finance and Hitachi Capital. Passed down copies of What Car in the early eighties.
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    Reduce oil light comes on

    Rising oil on a diesel is usually fuel dilution
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    Hon•duh Civic Tourer 😲

    To be judged in conjunction with rear legroom?
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    Murray Walker RIP

    An asset to sports and a landmark in my adult life. Very sad to hear this.
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    W124 500E

    That is really nice, on my dream list for sure and in a good colour,
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    Recent purchase thread

    Left hand wood set for my Shotgun
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    13 year old robber beaten up ........

    Fair play i feel. There is always a loser in these type of events, it was just the right end of the stick this time
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    Run flats or alternatives

    For them that carry a spare make an effort and check your pressure every 15 years or so, just in :) case
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    Run flats or alternatives

    Had a 5 series on R/F for 3 years, the run flats were a great get you home tool,saved me a couple of times but at a cost, in our case £215 a go. Roadside wheel changes are rarer nowadays but for BMW a more common failure was sidewall deformity,bumping up kerbs,potholes whatever, then a split or...
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    Not on Ebay but WTF!

    He could have hit it with a flap disc first.
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    Recent purchase thread

    A new Close coupled WC and ordered a basin and ped for my return to work on monday,have been holding the sofa down since december 18th.
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    W212 Research

    Thanks for that link.
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    W212 Research

    Still looking, would this beauty be proper leather...
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    Detailing spray

    He may have asthma or others in his household may be in vulnerable groups.Its not all about Boris. Not working can be elective.
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    Anybody, admired your motor?

    Getting a right hankering for an older bike. Watching this Fruitcake Genius in his shed is not helping
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