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    So... how many E500Es do we have on here?

    When I bought mine about 2.5 years ago, noone anywhere had one, now they seem ten a penny.... Just wanted to see how many owners we got on here: I'll start.... I got one: :p
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    Can anyone think of where to sell a 500E?

    Having trouble trying to sell the beasty. Anyone got any clever ideas? (just reduced the price aswell). Bri
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    (Blatant Plug) - The time has come for the 500E to go.

    We've had some good times and some great times, but I want to move on to something different. The 500E is now up for sale :( LINK Awesome machine, and when she goes I know I'll want her back. Been the best car I've owned to be honest. I want her to go to an enthusiast, so I'm not putting...
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    500E for sale.

    Tentatively putting it on the market. Had her for a while, and want a change. Specs: 1992 J plate Merc 500E (with the highest horsepower variation of that engine). Blue/black metallic, black leather 118,000 kilometres New engine at 45,000km (replaced under warranty) Standing qtr in...
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