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    Builder required NW2

    Hi All, I'm after a builder to do some work in Cricklewood, London. Anyone have a recommendation for me please? TIA
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    Hi All, Does anyone know what's required to pair a replacement headset and remote (official MB units) to a car with splitview please? Many thanks, shr
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    V12 misfire

    Hi All, I had to call mobilo out yesterday as engine light came on. Diagnostics revealed misfire on 9 and 10. So he escorted me to local dealer who have it now for further investigation and will call me tomorrow with their findings. Fear is it will be coil pack which on these engines is one...
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    Accident in car on PCP

    Hi All, Just a quick question if anyone has any experience of this: mrs. shr was his by car behind today. Only very minor and no injuries thankfully. Other driver has admitted full liability so no issues there either. Question is, as this car is on a PCP, is there a specific procedure...
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    Tyre valve broken (with TPMS)

    Hi All, Had my slightly bent front wheels straightened today. The chap doing the work said tyre valves were corroded. Unfortunately one of them broke whilst finishing off and inflating tyre. Car has tyre pressure sensors and he says I'll need a new sensor (circa 100 pounds). Is this correct...
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    W221 seat bladders

    Hi All, One of the side bolsters on the driver's seat (dynamic seats) is leaking. You can hear air escaping when it should be inflating. STAR reports that the bladder isn't holding pressure so I suspect it has a hole in it. According to EPC the bladders aren't available individually. They all...
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    W221 Wheel Bolts - What size are they?

    Hi All, I can't remove my wheel bolts!! 17mm socket doesn't fit properly (nor does anything else is my socket set). I managed to get one off with a 17mm socket but not comfortable forcing the socket on the others bolts as it's clearly not the right thing to use. Anyone come across this...
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    W221 opinions on reliability

    Hi All, I'm considering a W221 S500 (or S63 if price is right). What is the general consensus on these please? Thinking of looking at an 08 plate S500 tomorrow. I seem to remember the early W221s had reliability issue so would assume an 08 plate comes in to that category? Are there...
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    Oil Change - can I mix grades URGENT

    Hi All, Doing an oil change on my W202. Bought 2 x 5 litres from ECP at the weekend. Foolishly, I didn't check they gave me two of the same stuff!! I've just poured 5 litres of the 5W40 Shell Helix Ultra (229.5 spec). Was just about to pour in the contents of bottle 2 when noticed it's...
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    Worrying engine noise - video link

    Hi All, For the last few days I've noticed this worrying noise on my W202. Here's a YouTube link. A couple of weeks ago the engine oil level light intermittently came on and off. The onboard digital level meter said to add 1.5L. I drove the car about 80 miles before getting to add the...
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    Replace 211 E Class with something smaller - Recommendations please

    Hi All, Time for my mum to give up her E Class. She wants something smaller so easier to park etc. She drove a Toyota Yaris the other day and loved it. But I can't accept that. Whilst I agree that she needs something smaller, I feel going from an E class down to a yaris is too great a leap. What...
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    Is it time I joined the PCP brigade?

    Hi all, Been considering a used M Class for a while now but can't find a good spec low milage etc. So been talking to couple of local dealers to see if they can source something. As you've guess, they've raved on about getting a new car for less than a used one blah blah blah. Of course this is...
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    Wanted - M Class

    Looking for a high spec car with low mileage, looked after and well priced!! Don't ask much do I? Looking for something less than 5 years old. If anyone here is selling theirs, please do PM me. Thanks.
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    New glow plug? S211

    Hi guys, The glow plug light comes back on shortly after starting up. This is on my E320 CDi from year 04 (straight 6 engine). STAR gave me this: Glow plug Cylinder 2 Check lines between Cylinder 2 and N14/2 (Glow output stage) Is this simply a case of changing glow plug 2? Or...
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    W209 passenger seat sensor

    Hi guys, The seat pad sensor on a friends W209 is causing the SRS light to come on. We can bring the light on at will: Sit in the passenger seat, warning message comes on. Get out of seat, light goes off. Replacement sensors are close to 400 pounds. Is there a cheaper way of getting hold...
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    W209 loose steering column

    Hi All, A friend of mine has an issue with his W209. The steering cowel behind the steering wheel is loose and rotates a good few degrees in both directions. When you operate the indicator stalk, the whole assemble moves with it. I took the wheel off and the main module unit to reveal the...
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    W202 Emmissions "took a long time to test"

    Hi guys, My 202 was MOTed this week. It passed ok without any advisorys but the tester said that the emmisions test took a long time to do, and I probably need to get cats changed before next test. Now a good few years ago, I was getting a rattling noise from under the car. You good guys...
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    Fuel Sender leak W202

    Hi guys, I've noticed that the nearside fuel sender on my 202 is dripping. It's the metal disc part in the middle. See pic. I tried to nip it up with a TX45, but in doing so I discovered it isn't a TX45!!! And I've probably damaged it!! Can anyone advise on how I go about fixing this...
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    Poly V belt broke!!!

    Hi guys, My mum was on her way over to us for xmas, when she suddenly lost power steering and dash lit up all RED with warnings of this that and the other. Recover guy comes out and says fan belt broken and tightener pulley also broken. So when the Jesus event is over, I'll be getting a...
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    W211 Torque Strut Hydromounts

    Hi guys, My indy says the rubber mounts on my torque struts are perishing, so I've bought some replacements. Trouble is, the replacements seem bigger than the ones on the car. According to WIS there are two varients, A and B. Looks like my car has varient A fitted but I've been sold...
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